How to Increase Brand Recognition Outside the Internet

Every business is chasing brand recognition, but as the market saturates and brand loyalty strengthens you need to be establishing a presence offline too. The internet has certainly facilitated the tools and tricks to increase exposure, but how can you get through to your customers in real life? Today we are going to explore the many ways to build on brand recognition and engage with new and existing customers authentically. Let’s get into it!

In-store styling

There are some brands that are immediately recognizable for their styling and merchandising choices. In fact, there are field merchandising companies that you can engage to establish a brand identity and bring it to life through elaborate store displays and product styling. Aesop is a fine example of a brand that has achieved great brand recognition for its chic merchandising, and high-end labels do a great job of telling their brand story through design. Ultimately, you want to create enough intrigue that foot traffic increases into your store and more people can experience your brand.

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities are another great way to enforce brand recognition, especially if the partnership is a great fit and aligns with your ideal customer. Sponsorships will really vary in financial commitment and exposure expectations, but generally speaking, you should expect to have your logo and brand message on marketing collateral. Sponsorships could be for a dedicated event, a season or even just ongoing support. You can even extend gifts and your product offering to this partnership which is a fantastic way to have your market test and trial your product or service. Write a list of brands you would like to align with and reach out to them to see if you can collaborate through a sponsorship.  

Maildrop campaign

A direct mail marketing campaign will not be for all brands, but it is a fabulous way to engage with your local market. In fact, the more local you target the better the cut-through as you will be reminding them of your product or service and not introducing yourself altogether. Perhaps they have driven past your signage or storefront for years, but haven’t been motivated to find out who you are or what you do. You want to avoid being too ‘salesy’ in this approach, especially if the area receives a lot of junk mail – you don’t want to be lumped in with that category. Consider a neighborhood offer or an exclusive opportunity to trial your brand, and you can assess the success based on foot traffic, calls, or other contact methods.


New and established brands are often launching activations in a number of locations, with the intention of attracting new customers or re-activating customers who have previously interacted with your brand. The idea is that there are brand representatives dressed in your brand colours or branded clothes and they are giving away samples or educating the public on the services your brand provides. 

The sky is the limit with how creative you want to make this, and you don’t even need to give away a product if that doesn’t align with your business budget. If you are a bank, you could offer budgeting classes or guidance with setting finance goals. If you are a beauty brand, you could have dermatologists doing free skin consultations outside your store. Think hard about how you want to be perceived by your customers and set about planning an activation that achieves that goal.

Brand recognition is the ultimate currency today, and it is what is going to sway the market in choosing your brand over another. The most successful brands have a digital and physical strategy to engage with their audience, so take the time to plan out some activity that is going to strengthen your brand recognition.

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