How to Increase Sales on Your Website Using Video Marketing

Website sales is all about getting your customers to move along the buyer’s journey and answer your calls to action. As Michael Litt, Founder of Vidyard says, “The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web” making video an essential component in your marketing funnel.

For many business owners, creating and publishing video content may seem like a daunting task. The good news is, there are some easy ways to incorporate video into your marketing strategy that will boost your sales and benefit your customers.

Direct Benefits of Video Marketing

The data over the last 20 years have shown a staggering boost in how consumers use video in their day-to-day life, and the numbers don’t lie.

Surveys consistently show that a majority of consumers would like to see more video content from their favorite brands and 4 times as many people would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

So not only would consumers rather watch than read, but video has been shown to increase visitor engagement, keep visitors on your site longer, increase brand awareness, and build trust with explanatory videos that answer your customers’ questions.

Ways to Use Video on Your Website

Getting started with simple intro videos is great but don’t stop there. There are a variety of ways to highlight what you do in a fun and engaging way to build your brand and enlighten your audience.

  • Showcase company culture
  • How-To videos and Tutorials
  • Webinars or Mini TED Talks by thought leaders in your industry
  • Product Presentations
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Vlogs (video blogs)
  • Livestreaming events

You can also use animated explainer videos to showcase your product’s solution and educational videos to establish yourself as an industry expert and personal guide on your customers’ journey.

Most sales teams will have an ideal customer journey mapped out from the beginning with pain points and product benefits highlighted every step of the way. Introducing these elements in video will help build brand awareness and customer trust from the beginning.

Tips to get started

You can add video content to any step in the sales funnel and see immediate results. It’s important, however, to understand and organize your strategy before jumping headfirst into video.

Script It

Effective video needs a script or in the case of a live video, prior planning and organization. You may have industry knowledge that is valuable to the consumer, but getting the message through concisely is easier with a script or blueprint.

It’s not necessary to script every single word, but breaking down the video into sections that are easily manageable is a must. It should have a projected progression including introduction, message, and call to action.


Lighting, if done correctly, is something your viewers won’t think about or even notice. If done poorly, it will distract and detract from whatever message you’re trying to convey.

A simple way to fix lightning is having it shine straight onto the speaker from behind the camera. This mitigates most shadows and highlights the speaker’s face. Ring lights in the shape of a circle or even simple desk lamps offer cheap lighting solutions that won’t cast any awkward shadows.


Having a dedicated microphone is a must when recording videos for business. Integrated microphones, like those built into laptops, will have inferior sound quality and your viewers will notice.

Graphics & Technology

One of the key elements in video marketing is engagement. One speaker talking for the entire length of a video is no longer marketing, it’s a lecture. Mixing in infographics, product and service showcases, and multiple speakers (with transitions) is far more engaging than a single speaker on camera.

Experiment, Adjust, Repeat

An effective video marketing strategy is not static. As you try new ideas, they might flop or they might go viral. Either way, keep experimenting and adjusting with video integration to find the right method for your business.


Using video as a marketing medium is an incredible way to educate your customers, involve them in the process, and add value to the time they spend on your website. No matter which industry you’re in, video marketing can help boost engagement and sales with your target audience.

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