How to inflate an air mattress with a built-in pump without electricity?

When you’re out camping, an air mattress is a suitable way to capture some lovely moments. You can also depend on it to furnish a place for your buddy mate to rest or sleep when they spend the night in your house.

These self-inflating air mattresses generally have a built-in pump and need electricity to extend and make them prepared for use.

However, if you require to inflate the mattress for usage but are in the center of a power outage or do not have the key to electricity. This opens the million-dollar query: how do you inflate an air mattress without electricity?

Without Electricity! How can you fix an air mattress?

The most straightforward way to inflate your aero mattress with a built-in pump without utilizing electricity is to avoid the built-in pump and battery-powered pump or operate a manual pump. Isn’t that great?

Make sure this thing: Going on a camping journey? Before operating that manual pump, inspect to see if the campground has any electrical appliance that provides electricity. You just preserved yourself the crisis of manually pumping air into your air mattress if you discover a power source at the campground.

If you can’t find a power outlet, use a manual pump that includes a bike pump, as illustrated in the easy steps below.

Step 1: Lay down your mattress flat on a flat shell. Make certain no pointed objects could pierce or puncher the mattress.

Step 2: Open the air valve, which is usually on the side of the mattress. Then, spread it securely and properly insert the air pump into it.

Step 3: When the pump is securely connected to the valve, start pumping with your manual bike pump until your mattress is completely inflated. This should take about 15-20 minutes.

Step 4: When completed, separate the air pump from the valve. Make certain to return the valve body to prevent air from trickling.

Other Ways to Inflate Your Air Mattress without Utilizing Electricity

When you don’t have any source for electricity, you can use different tried-and-right techniques to inflate your air mattress appropriately.

Let’s take a brief look at these given below options.

Make use of the garbage or waste bag:

You listened correctly! If you don’t have a source for electricity, you can fill your air mattress with a waste bag. You may desire to use a weighty-duty trash bag that will not readily pop under your significance to achieve this task.

To use the garbage bag:

  1. Open it up and down to permit as much air as feasible.
  2. Collect the open end of your pack to save the trapped air inside.
  3. Get the bag up to the mattress air valve and cover the open end around it.
  4. Press the bag to push it out and into your comfortable mattress.

Make benefit of a battery-powered pump:

On the occasion that you are in a remote location with no source of electricity, battery-powered pumps can arrive at your recovery. These pumps generally run on rechargeable or standard batteries and perform the same operations as an electric pump.

They come in a mixture of sizes, and you’ll be capable of choosing one that permits you to fast inflate the typical length of your air mattress.

Using a pump sourced by standard batteries, bring an additional set of batteries with you to point the batteries inside the pump perish in the center of pumping.

Utilize your car:

If you plan to go camping in your car, getting a car socket pump will permit you to effortlessly self-inflating air mattress your aero bed.

These favorably portable pumps are less costly than battery-powered prototypes. They are prepared to plug into your car’s additional control socket and work 12V DC.

The only disadvantage to utilizing this method is that you’ll require to camp following your car for it to work. Otherwise, you’ll include fixing an air mattress near your vehicle and then taking it a long reach to your camping fix once it’s completely inflated.

Use of your breath:

Will you utilize your breath to a self-inflating air mattress if any other method doesn’t work? That’s a query you’re likely questioning yourself proper now. But it will consistently work; it will only take more prolonged time.

Holding a deep breath, placing your mouth about the mattress air spot, and the air into the bed is the standard pumping process.


Don’t allow a lack of energy to prevent you from obtaining a good night’s rest and sleep while away from the convenience of your house mattresses. We’ve just presented you with how to inflate your air mattress without using electricity in the possibility of an energy outage or while on a hiking or camping trip.

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