How to Integrate Instagram with WordPress: A Tutorial

With over 1 billion users, Instagram has become an extremely important social media platform that almost all business websites can benefit from if they have a presence on the site. If you don’t have a presence on this platform, you are losing lots of potential leads. However, reposting all your Instagram content to your WordPress site can be a real hassle, especially for people who update often.


The good news is that WordPress is very flexible. Provided you use the right tools, it’s possible to automate the sharing of the content you share on your Instagram to your website. It will avoid a situation where you have manually copy the content each time you put out something new.

In this post, we will explore the benefits you get when you integrate Instagram with WordPress. Next, we will tell you two ways of connecting your Instagram account with your WordPress site, including how to use Instagram feed wordpress plugin.


Why connect WordPress with Instagram?



There is little doubt that Instagram is among the fastest-growing social media sites out there. Boasting more than one billion users, it appears as if everyone has one account or two on the platform. This also makes it a great place to advertise your products and services. Therefore, if you run an online venture, it is a no-brainer that you should invest in your Instagram pages to enhance traffic generation and lead generation. 


So, what are some of the ways you can benefit from the presence of an Instagram feed on your WordPress site? By ensuring that your followers enjoy the content you post, you could end up with more users. Additionally, in this era where everything is interconnected, giving your users another way to reach out to you as well as interact with your content helps to grow your business.


Also, having a way to embed more content on your site without affecting its loading speed of your website storage is of great importance. By embedding your Instagram feeds, you get more methods of targeting even more audiences while also benefitting from flexible methods of posting and publishing content that does not have to be necessarily on your blog or website.


Even better, it is very easy to integrate Instagram with WordPress. Thanks to the flexibilities offered by these platforms, there are many ways of linking your Instagram page with your website. In this post, we will be talking about an easy way of accomplishing this feat that even a newbie can use, including the role of WordPress Instagram gallery.

How to Integrate Instagram with WordPress 

There are many ways to accomplish this but we will mainly be focusing on one method. 

Add Your Instagram Feed to WordPress


The easiest way to show your posts on your website is to add your Instagram feed to your WP. For instance, if you happen to have accounts in both WordPress and Instagram, you will only need to post your content on your Instagram page and it will automatically appear on your website.


One way of achieving this is through using Instagram Feed WordPress plugin. This enables you to easily link your Insta to WordPress with no effort at all. 


And with innumerable layouts for your integrated feed, you will have complete control over its final appearance


Picture 10

To start, you need to first install and then activate the plugin. A welcome screen will appear, and it includes an educative video showing you the many ways of using the plugin. There is a Start Using button that you need to click on when you are ready to start. You can find it at the top end of the screen as illustrated below.

Picture 13

This plugin requires logging in with your Insta account. You will see the Sign In With Instagram button that you need to click on. When it’s done auto-filling the forms, just click on the Save Changes prompt.

Picture 16

Next up, hit the Feed WD, then click on the Feed tab, and then choose Add New. You will be prompted to select a layout for your feed by the plugin, as well as to configure lightbox settings.

Once you are done with your feed, the only thing remaining will be publishing it on your site. You can achieve this in two ways. The first one is to open the WP editor for any of the posts or pages and click on the button Add Instagram Feed. It lets you pick the feed you want to add, and the plugin will create a shortcode for the feed:

The other option is to use a widget. Fortunately, this can be achieved in easy steps. Just click on Appearance, Widgets, and then have the Instagram WD Widget dragged to the footer or sidebar where it is to appear.

This option still lets you select the feed to display, specify the number of images and columns it needs to include, and set the title for it. Below is what a typical feed will look like once you insert it on a page.


With this plugin, you will find a plethora of customization options that allow you to change the way your feed appears should you not be satisfied with the initial appearances. Do not hesitate to tweak the settings until you find what works best for you.


Even if you already have an Instagram account, you may not have set it up for your business. In terms of social media, few platforms can be anywhere as powerful as Instagram. Through setting it up with WordPress, it gives you an opportunity to maximize your reach. Also, it allows you to easily share traffic between your profile and website.

The good news is that integrating your Instagram page with your website is easy. If anything, there are many ways of doing this. In the article above, we have focused on how you can do so by using an Instagram feed. It’s easy to do, and with the step-by-step instructions above as well as the screenshots, anyone can pull this off. We hope the article was useful.


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