How to Join A Minecraft Realm on PS4, Android & Windows

If you are a GOT(Game of Thrones) fan then you must know the word “Realm”, it means “a kingdom” where you have all the authority and you can make anyone enter your kingdom and you can send anyone out of your kingdom whenever you want, but here in this game REALMS are the multiplayer server that allows a user to invite their ten friends at once, by sending invites from one Realm to another. This server stays online all the time so you can join them whenever you want.

There is another benefit of playing on Best Minecraft Servers that you will get to interact with new people so you can make new friends or girlfriend/boyfriends with similar gaming interest, isn’t it exciting? So if you want to play and rule in your own kingdom then this article is just for you, because here you will get to know the steps to how to join your REALM (kingdom) on your software.

  1. Go to the main menu of Minecraft and select the Realms menu.
  2. Select the player who wants to join and play.
  3. Now your player is selected and you are ready to play.
  4. You can check the status of any Realm by looking at the dot next to them.
    1. Green dot- Realm is open and available to join.
    2. Yellow dot- Realms expires soon.
    3. Red dot- Realm has expired or is close.

If you want to join your PS4 from the friend’s tab, so below is the process for it,

  1. You will need a PC which has Linux,macOS or windows.
  2. You will need an app called Phantom.
  3. Now download the file from GitHub Releases.
  4. Go to the downloads section and find your file there.
  5. Copy the path of the file
    1. For macOS- select the file-go to the top bar- select edit- select “Copy phantomMacOS as a pathname.
    2. For windows – click shift- click- right click on file – select “copy as path”.
  6. Open the command line for your operating system-
    1. For macOS- Press *+ SPACE, write terminal and press ENTER
    2. For Windows- Press WIN+R – Write “cmd” and – press ENTER
  7. Enter the path that you have copied on the terminal,
    1. For macOS- Write a DOT(.)- THEN EDIT- Select PASTE.
    2. For Windows- Press CTRL+V or Right-click on the black area
  8. After the path of File, add space
  9. Press ENTER you will get a window.
  10. You can now be able to see the server on your friend’s tab,

NOTE- Phantom should be running when you want to play.

As you now know that Minecraft is in the spotlight for 11 years now and still we love it because of the gaming experience and its updated and exciting features. Realms are the gaming world which is made by the user only and that’s the beauty of this game, you can customize your game as you want. So if you are bored playing alone and want to show off your gaming skills to the world then start making your Realm right now.

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