How To keep Inflatable Pool Water Clean With Salt: A Detailed Guide

How to keep inflatable pool water with salt? First, empty the pool and clean the entire pool surface. Then, add water and salt. Finally, keep it open to dry. 

Germs spread quickly in inflatable pools, so cleaning the pool water is essential. We often tend our pool water with chemicals, which is very risky for the skin. Again, the chemical has a bad odor. Hence, cleaning the water with salt is an excellent alternative to chemicals. 

Still, confused about cleaning the inflatable pool water? Go through our detailed guide to know how to clean your pool with salt. 

How to Keep Inflatable Pool Water Clean With Salt 

There are several steps to clean the inflatable pool water with salt, including emptying the pool, adding salt, and leaving the pool uncovered. 

Empty The Pool 

When you need to clean your inflatable pool, empty the pool. As a result, you can quickly complete the rest procedures. Next, keep the pool for one day to dry completely.

Clean The Wall And Floor

Once the pool is completely dried, start the next procedure. First, clean the floor and walls. You can pick a brush to scrub the surface well in this step. You will eliminate the grime, scum, slime, or algae by washing the surface.  72 inch deep above ground pool

To get a better cleaning result, use baking soda with water. Next, rinse the pool and dry it completely. 

Add Water And Salt 

Now, add fresh water to your inflatable pool. Once you fill the pool with water, test the pH of the water. It is required to keep the range between 7.2 to 7.8. Then, add enough salt for complete disinfection. We suggest adding 1.6 kg salt per 400 liters of water.

Once you decide how much salt you need to add, add that amount of salt and stir the water to mix it around the pool. Besides, if the pool is 1000 gallons, you must add about 17.5 pounds of salt. 

Leave The Pool Uncover

Leave the pool uncovered until the salt dissolves in the water. When you cover your pool, the algae can overgrow, and there may be a lack of air circulation.  

Benefits of Treating Inflatable Pool Water With Salt 

When you treat your inflatable pool with salt, you will get several benefits. First, salt water eliminates bacteria and viruses from the pool and makes the water hygienic. Besides, this type of water reduces the chances of drawing in shallow water. Thus, the kids can safely swim in the pool. 

Moreover, salted pool water is gentler for the eyes. This water is also great for the skin, as salt is a natural disinfectant. Swimming in that salty pool water helps your skin to improve and reduce the dryness of the body.  

Again, saltwater improves your immune system, as it is a very good disinfectant. The ancient times, the Chinese used salt to make medicine. 

Swimming in a saltwater inflatable pool is great for reducing stress and anxiety. The reason is saltwater helps those suffering from stress and anxiety. As well as it helps to calm the mind. Hence, you will feel refreshed and relaxed after swimming in such saltwater. 

Another benefit of saltwater is it reduces allergy issues and helps in breathing well. According to the American Lung Organization, inhaling small-grained salt can help reduce allergic reactions and aid in healthy breathing. Further, the salt particles in the pool attract water into the lung’s trachea and help thin all the mucus. 

However, adding salt to the water is greater than adding chlorine to clean water. Saltwater is excellent for no-chlorine smell and sensitive noses. 

How Often To Change The Inflatable Pool Water?

How often you change the pool water depends on how frequently you swim. Also, changing the pool water every 2 to 7 days is good. When you swim in the old water, you can get sick quickly. Again, the big size pool needs routine maintenance. Removing debris, testing water chemistry, and ensuring proper filtration are also essential for pool water. 

On the other hand, the more people bathing in the pool, the quicker you need to change the water. Besides, hot weather can lead to high water evaporation rates, concentrating minerals and pollutants. If your inflatable pool is small, try changing the water daily, as small pool water becomes dirty quickly. 

Can I Swim In My Pool Without Chemicals? 

Yes, you can swim in your pool without chemicals if it is sanitized. Besides, the saltwater sanitizing system is the most common for cleaning pool water. We suggest installing a small inflatable pool, as it is easier to clean than a big pool.

 Again, you can quickly empty or refill the small pool. However, it is better to empty and refill the pool every few days to avoid chemicals and PH levels testing. 

Final Thought 

Keeping your inflatable pool clean with salt water is a relatively easy task. It is easy to clean the pool by emptying it, scrubbing it, and adding water and salt. Moreover, salt water eliminates bacteria and viruses from the pool and makes the water hygienic. 

Again, saltwater improves your immune system, as it is a very good disinfectant. The ancient times, the Chinese used salt to make medicine. When you swim in salt water, it helps to reduce allergy issues and helps in breathing well. Hence, clean your pool water with salt and get hygienic pool water. 

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