How to Keep Remote Employees Happy

In recent years, remote work has become the norm due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to it, employees have become confined within their homes. They have gotten compelled to work from there. Although this approach has gotten implemented for protection, it has resulted in some individuals becoming unhappy and burnt out.

An unhappy remote employee cannot work to the best capabilities. It would lead to their productivity decreasing. Moreover, they can become less engaged in their responsibilities and tasks. It can affect the performance of the entire team in the long run. For that reason, it is essential to ensure that an employee or worker remains happy and satisfied while they work from home.

In this article, let us discuss a few ways to keep a remote employee content.

Setting Up an Effective Communication Platform

Communication is the key to achieving and sustaining the desired results like all other aspects of life. Remote workers and employees are no exception to the case. This statement rings even more true for them. It is because individuals who work from home do not get the opportunity to meet and discuss things face-to-face. It implies that they cannot understand each other from their facial expressions and body language.

That is why it is crucial to set up a platform where each remote employee can communicate and express their thoughts and points effectively and effortlessly. It allows them to get informed about the daily progress. Additionally, it lets them know of the work that needs to get done in the future. In turn, it permits them to feel as if they are an active element or part of the organization. In addition, it lets them know that the company remains interested in them. If the remote employee knows about it, it can make them happy that their hard work receives recognized. It can give them delight that they get appreciated by the higher-ups.

Rewarding Superior Work Results

As already mentioned, getting recognized for the work behind which an individual has put immense effort can make them feel happy. This sense of happiness and joy can increase even more. It is possible by rewarding them for their hard work and superior results. Nevertheless, the scale can vary. It can start with a mere “thank you” or “great work.” Remote employees can receive certificates, medals, or incentives at a higher level.

Moreover, publicizing the rewards can notify the other remote employees that their hard work can get recognized. Later on, it can motivate them to perform better and increase their work efficiency and productivity.

Organizing Virtual Games

The longer a remote employee spends time away from their team, the more they drift apart from the rest. In such cases, they become no better than strangers to the other involved individuals. That is why all the team members need to know each other better. It includes recognizing and appreciating their likes, dislikes, weaknesses, specializations, strengths, and work styles. It is not arduous to do it on an online platform.

The remote employees of a single team or several teams can gather to organize and partake in virtual icebreakers and games. It can create a fun, appealing, engaging, and jolly time that can make them feel happy and comfortable with others. In addition to that, it can make them glad to be a part of the organization. Overall, these virtual games have the capability and ability to increase the motivation and dedication of remote employees.

Allowing Work Flexibility

Remote work can pose a challenge to an employee. It can get owed to the requirement and need of managing the two aspects of life. They consist of professional and personal life. In most cases, it can become demanding to do so. For that reason, each employee seeks work timing and task flexibility. They want such an approach to complete their assigned projects and work.

All remote employees wish to finish their tasks according to a comfortable schedule and get it done on time. Work flexibility allows them to manage all their jobs efficiently. They can do so without compromising on a single one.

The emphasis on “what” and not “when” is essential. It keeps the unnecessary pressure off the remote workers. In turn, a stress-free work environment can inevitably keep them happy. As such, if a remote employee prefers working in the evening instead of the fixed work hours, it is best to let them continue doing so. In simpler words, the lesser the restrictions imposed, the better the work productivity.

Providing the Required Tools

A remote employee may sometimes need a few productivity and application tools. It can help perform their tasks and projects more conveniently, efficiently, and effortlessly. On top of that, these technologies can increase a remote employee’s work output and productivity exponentially. Moreover, they can help them make up after a setback or work overload.

However, most productivity tools are paid or require an application from the employing company. For that reason, most remote employees shy out of the system no matter how beneficial it is. Hence, it can make the workers grateful and happy if the organization provides them with the required tools.

Removing Excessive and Superfluous Restrictions

Most companies place severe restrictions and constraints even for employees who work from home. It can consist of the dress code, lunch timing, meeting style, and even background noise during a virtual meeting. In some instances, these limitations can become extreme. They can probe into the personal space of the employee. In other cases, the restrictions can create a stiff work environment where the individual would be unhappy and uncomfortable.

Such a work environment can be detrimental. It can lead to a drop in the productivity and dedication of a remote employee. Overall, it can impair the progress and work of the entire team or organization. That is why the unnecessary restrictions on a remote employee should get removed. After all, the happiest individual is a free one who can perform their tasks comfortably.

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