How To Keep The Air Conditioning Repair Cost Down To a Minimum

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When it comes to air conditioning repairs, they can be expensive. This is especially true if the problem is one that has been left unrepaired too long or a part that has burnout because of improper maintenance. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can keep the cost of air conditioning repair down to a minimum.

Properly Take Care Of Your HVAC System

One of the most important things that you can do is to take care of your air conditioning system well. Far too often, people do not pay enough attention to their HVAC unit, and it breaks down prematurely. Do the following to ensure that the unit is taken care of.

  • Filter

You should change your filter out every one to three months, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you have a washable filter, you should wash your filter out at least once a month. If it is allergy season, or you are seeing dust on your filter, go ahead and change it more frequently. Maintaining your filter will make sure that there is proper airflow in your HVAC unit. Proper airflow will ensure that the unit does not have to work as hard. When a unit has to work hard, it leads to early breakdowns and an increase in your utility bills.

  • Cleaning the unit

You should clean your HVAC unit at least once every six months. Cut the unit off and vacuum out lightly with a vacuum cleaner. You can also take a cloth and wipe down the unit. Do not forget to wipe down your thermostat. Bits of dust can get down into the air conditioner and cause malfunctions. The coils on the unit should be cleaned by a professional every year. Check out air conditioning cleaning tips and tricks here

  • Clean the Condenser Unit

Your condenser unit outside can become clogged with dirt and debris from leaves and other things. Spray your unit down with a water hose to ensure that it is not bogged down with leaves. Over time the accumulation of this debris can cause your air conditioner to work harder.

  • Check and clean your registers

If you have pets and children, your registers and vents may become dirty with pet hair and other items. This can clog the register and make the air conditioning unit have to work harder. You can clean the registers with a vacuum cleaner. If they are very dirty, remove them and clean them with warm soapy water. Allow to dry completely before you put them back. Keep pets and children away from the opening on the floors at this time.

  • Thermostat

You will want to periodically inspect your thermostat and ensure that it is working properly. If your thermostat goes bad,it can cause issues with your air conditioning system. For example, if your thermostat goes bad and is not adjusting the temperature, your unit may run too long. If the unit runs too long, it could cause the unit to break down.

  • Inspect your duct

Periodically, you will want to check your ductwork and make sure that it is not broken or has holes. When you have holes or broken ductwork, this allows air to escape. This causes not enough cool air to get into your house, leading to more wear and tear on your air conditioning system and an increase in your electric bill.

  • Get Air Conditioning Maintenance

Doing all the things listed above will help you so avoid costly air conditioning repairs. Another thing that will help you is to ensure that you get regular maintenance on your HVAC system by a licensed professional. An HVAC expert should come out to your home before you start up the air conditioner for the year. They will inspect the entire system, including your ductwork, to find any problems that you might be having and to ensure that the unit is in good functioning order. If there are any problems with your air conditioner, it can be addressed immediately during the routine maintenance. Also, during routine maintenance, the technician will check the refrigerant levels in your unit to ensure that everything is where it should be. This is the best way to save money on your repairs because most of the time, they are caught before it is ever an expensive issue.

To get a preventative maintenance package, look at the local heating and air conditioning companies in your area. Most of them should have an excellent package that covers several different things involving your units. Take your time to figure out which company you should use. Do not go with a company just because they are the cheapest. Taking your time and doing research on the company will help to ensure that you never have a problem with the heating and cooling system.

  • Call Immediately For Repairs

If you do find that your air conditioner breaks down, you will want to call for a repair immediately. Some people think that the problem is not a big issue and they do not worry themselves with the repair. For example, if your HVAC unit is having a hard time cooling, instead of just letting it run until it cools off, you need to call out an HVAC technician. There could be a number of problems wrong with your air conditioner and if you let it go the problem could become worse. Not only that, your power bill could go through the roof. Immediately addressing the problem will help you to save money.

Saving money on repairs is something that everyone wants to do. With proper maintenance both by you and an HVAC technician, you should be able to avoid most problems. When you do have a problem, call out a technician immediately. If your repair is going to be very expensive, talk to the company about potentially financing the repair or ask if there are any discounts when it comes to the repair parts that are needed. Many HVAC companies will work with you to ensure that you have a comfortable air-conditioned house and love their company.

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