How to Keep Your Home Free of Unwanted Guests

During the winter, as temperatures get colder outside, some homeowners may find that unwanted guests have made their way into their home. Various pests, looking for a warm place to stay, can make their way into a home by penetrating the smallest of vulnerabilities.

Mice are a very common pest that can make their way into a home. These animals may even set up a nest and reproduce before the homeowner is even aware of their presence. Little do they know they already have a mouse infestation in their yard. Mice can be a very serious risk to the home and those living there. Fortunately, there are methods for removing and preventing these unwanted guests.

How Mice Enter the Home

Homeowners may find it surprising how a mouse can enter a home. When the weather gets cold, these tiny rodents get desperate to find a warm place to stay. At the first sign of a mice problem, it is a good idea to contact the Animal Control Specialists to help with their removal.

Mice can enter in tiny openings that are much smaller than themselves. Small holes or cracks in the foundation or walls make it easy for mice to enter. Roof vents, chimneys, and other openings around doors and windows can also allow mice to make their way inside the home.

When mice enter the home, they get to work quickly to make themselves a nesting area. Often, they will begin reproducing immediately. It does not take long for a small mice problem to become an infestation. If one mouse is seen, chances are there are much more hiding in the home.

Signs of Mice in the Home

It can be hard to notice a mice infestation, especially when they are still few in numbers. However, it is important to watch for the small signs to be able to stop the issue before it becomes a very large problem.

Droppings are often very small and round. These droppings are not always easy to find but can be noticed in cabinets, drawers, and other areas where the mice may run around. The highest number of droppings will be found where the mice feed or nest.

Chew marks can also be a major sign of a problem. These may be seen around cabinets or walls. Most commonly, these chew marks will be found on food packages in the pantry or cabinets. Foul odors or even nests built from shredded paper or other materials may be found in discreet areas around the home.

Fleas may also be a sign of a rodent infestation. If there are no pets or the pets do not go outside, but there are fleas in the home, another animal may have gotten in. Mice and other rodents can carry fleas into the home creating another infestation that homeowners have to fight.

Dangers of Mice in the Home

Mice may seem small or even cute to some, but they can create a lot of problems for the home and the family inside. This makes it important for homeowners to have these little nuisances removed as soon as possible to minimize damage and the health risks they can bring.

Mice can create a lot of damage to the home by chewing on wood and drywall. They can chew on almost anything, including the wiring in the home. Exposed wiring could potentially create a risk of fire in the home. When that exposed wiring is near a mouse’s nesting materials, it can create a dangerous combination.

Their nesting materials, as well as the urine and droppings they can leave all through the home and insulation, can be a catalyst for mold growth in these areas. Mold can be a major health hazard on its own, especially for those in the home who are vulnerable to such allergens.

Mice also carry a lot of diseases. These diseases can be spread directly to humans from contact with the mice, their saliva, urine, or droppings. The mice can even pass their diseases through indirect means to humans. These little rodents can bring ticks, mites, and fleas in the home that have fed on the mice’s disease-riddled blood.

How to Remove Mice

There are a variety of methods for removing mice from the home. Some natural methods for repelling mice from the home can include the use of essential oils. Strong scents, such as peppermint and clove oils, can rather effective at repelling mice. Unfortunately, these methods only go so far in fighting an infestation.

Getting a cat for the home can be another option. Cats are pretty good at hunting down the mice when they get inside. The scent of a cat is also beneficial in repelling mice from the home. Unfortunately, having a cat that chases down the mice can put the cat at risk for catching some of the diseases they carry.

There are humane traps that can be used to catch the mice in the home. These traps can be set around the home to safely trap the mice so that they can be taken away from the home. It is important to take care and precautions when dealing directly with the mice as they can bite or scratch. This can potentially spread any disease they may be carrying.

Another option, and possibly the best option, is to contact a professional. A professional pest removal service can be a safe option for removing mice from the home. These professionals are experienced in safe removal methods that can free the home of the pest problem with the risk to anyone’s health.

How to Prevent Mice from Returning

Once the home is free of a mice infestation, it is important for homeowners to protect their home from a return. In many cases, a pest removal professional can assist in this process by identifying the areas where the mice may have entered originally.

The first step is to seal any cracks or holes on the outside of the home that may allow a mouse to gain entry. Replace weather-stripping around windows and repair any doorways that have openings. There are also covers that can be installed on any vents or chimneys that may allow the pests to enter.

It is also a good idea to keep all food stored in airtight containers and dispose of garbage regularly. Keep firewood at least twenty feet from the home and inspect all items that are brought indoors to ensure no mice have caught a ride on these items.

Many of these steps to prevent mice from entering can also help prevent other wild animals from entering. Any animal in the home can be a major problem for the home and those who live there. At the first sign of any invader, homeowners can always call a professional to identify the problem and help with the removal to keep the home safe and secure.

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