How to Know if You Need Ear Care and Hearing Aid?

According to WHO, more than 430 million adults and 34 million children are facing hearing loss worldwide.

It could be because of heredity, chronic illness, head injury, trauma, ear infection, or a hundred different reasons.

Most of the people facing hearing loss are in denial, thereby causing more damage to their ears.

If treated in time, you might be able to save your hearing powers or at least get the right treatment at one-stop audiology services.

Before you seek treatment, you need to know if you need a hearing aid. So here are some things you must look out for.

Common Symptoms of Hearing Loss –

  1. Partial Hearing Loss

Partial hearing loss often goes unnoticed. People could go for years without even noticing it.

In this case, a person can hear but doesn’t understand. The voice falls on the ear, but it’s either too fast or too soft to understand.

People with partial hearing loss often ask to repeat what they heard or find it difficult to catch up with conversations.

They prefer loud television, and even phone calls are not perfectly audible.

  1. Ringing In Ears

One of the strongest symptoms of hearing loss is a ringing ear.

This condition is also known as tinnitus, where most of the ear cells are damaged. The brain invents its sound, causing buzzing in one or both ears.

Tinnitus is a commonly occurring condition, which can be treated via sound habituation exercises.

  1. Trouble Understanding Sound Source

People with healthy ears can easily figure out where the sound is coming from. That is because the sound travels at a different rate and reaches your ear at different times.

That helps one figure out the source of the sound.

But if you have hearing loss, you might not be able to tell the sound source or direction. That’s another reason to seek professional help.

  1. Ear Sensitivity

Ear sensitivity induces strange pain or irritation in response to a loud voice.

Seek treatment if the slightest enhancement in sound makes your ear throb. It could also be due to a lack of earwax or dryness in the ear.

Sometimes, over-cleaning your ear is also the reason to catch the infection, causing hearing problems.

  1. Symptoms in Children

Children might not be able to convey if they are facing hearing loss. However, you can do a hearing test on your child.

Look out for symptoms like- a child is not responding to a sound or isn’t looking in the direction of the sound.

School-age children have similar symptoms. In addition, they might lack communication skills. Or you’d notice constant frustration and exhaustion in them.

Even partial hearing loss can make children rely on lip-reading. So if you are noticing anything strange with your child’s hearing abilities, immediately opt for professional treatments.

Final Words: Who Needs Hearing Aid?

There is a strong misconception that only elderly people need hearing aids.

Hearing loss is part of the aging process. Hence it’s normal in people above 65. But younger populations and even children need ear care and hearing aids.

Sometimes, earwax or a treatable infection might be the reason for hearing loss. Then you might be able to fix it completely with medication and hygiene.

But, if the eardrums’ cells are damaged, you need treatments from an expert audiologist.

From a month-old baby to a 70-year-old person, anyone could benefit from a hearing aid. You can even book a family hearing test at Audiosense and opt for the necessary treatments.

Depending on symptoms and severity, the audiologist would provide necessary treatments for you.

Don’t wait anymore. Start Ear care from today!

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