How to Leverage SEO to Boost Your PR Performance

Public relations is a broad field, encompassing skills and responsibilities in a variety of domains. One of them is getting messages seen online, and that requires a knowledge of how to use search engines effectively so that press releases and articles are viewed as many times as possible. That’s where SEO comes in, optimizing the content that you put out so that users who search for similar content find those articles. This short guide will explain how you can leverage SEO to make your PR work more fruitful in the future. 

What Is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of making web content get seen on search engines. By using rules and standards set out by the community to appeal to search engine algorithms, SEO professionals tweak the content that they publish online so that search engines rank that content high on the first page of search engine results pages, or SERPs. By doing so, the content is seen by more people, expanding your reach. As PR is all about getting messages seen, SEO should form a fundamental part of any PR effort. 

SEO Agencies

Learning how to perform SEO from scratch takes time, as well as a good deal of trial and error. For many firms, it’s preferable to turn to a professional SEO company in order to get articles seen by more people more quickly rather than training employees to run SEO on articles themselves. In this case, you’ll be accessing a talented team of SEO experts who know exactly how to boost any content. They’ll be able to draw up SEO action plans on all of your content and your website, if you operate one, to generate more clicks and impressions on your posts.

Learning SEO 

If you’re interested in learning how to perform SEO, there are some excellent resources on the internet to help you get your head around the process. You should consider taking an online course to help you learn the ropes. Books abound on the topic, as well as blogs and forums where professionals share their tips. You should also use SEO tools, many of which are free online, to measure the current performance of your website and your posts. This will help you track the success of your efforts as you become more experienced in SEO.

SEO Tools

As well as tracking, there are dozens of other SEO tools that you can make use of to boost your performance on search engines. One of the most useful forms of tool is the keyword analyzing software available for free on many platforms. This will show you which keywords you should target in order to hone in on your ideal audience, who is searching keywords that relate to your brand, your website, and your PR efforts. Use these to zero in on your key message for each article. 

Make SEO a key part of your PR efforts with the tips outlined above. 

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