How to Make a Claim for an Uber Car Accident

When an Uber driver is logged in to the app and available or waiting for a ride request, they are covered by one million dollars of liability insurance. Prompt medical care and documenting all damages are essential for a strong Uber car accident claim. Most injury cases are worth much less than Uber’s $1 million limit. It is why you need to document your damages and seek legal advice.

Reporting the Crash

As with any crash, it’s important to report the accident to the police. It will give you a chance to get witness information and gather evidence. A police officer can also write up the official report of your Uber accident, which is needed to file an insurance claim. Rideshare companies are considered transportation network companies (TNCs). It means that drivers working for Uber have special insurance requirements. These requirements include liability coverage for car accidents. 

Additionally, Uber drivers must have commercial auto insurance. This insurance covers Uber drivers only when logged onto the app and engaged in a ride or waiting for a ride request. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine whether the driver was logged on to the Uber app and engaged in a ride at the time of the crash.

Hire an Attorney

Let’s say you get run over by an Uber driver. Assuming you were not yelling at or physically threatening the driver, they should have insurance to pay for your medical treatment. In this case, the Uber driver may also have a dash cam or back seat camera that can help determine what happened. An experienced Uber accident attorney will know how to obtain and preserve this video evidence. A lawyer will send a written request for the preservation of surveillance video to whoever maintains it and will hire a process server for this service. 

An attorney will also know how to value your case so that you do not settle for less than your injuries are worth. An attorney will be prepared to fight if the insurance company tries to lowball you during pre-suit mediation. It would help if you had an experienced Uber car accident lawyer from to level the playing field with the insurance company.

Collect Evidence

The information you collect at the scene of an accident is critical for supporting your Uber crash claim. The official police report should be requested. Seek medical attention as soon as possible after the accident. It will help you begin the recovery process and document your injuries. In certain situations, like whiplash, symptoms could not start to show up for days or even weeks after the collision.

See a Doctor

Whether in an Uber car accident or another vehicle, it is important to see a doctor to ensure you have not suffered any significant injuries. The medical reports that your doctors create will be used to support your personal injury claim in the case. You should give your doctor several insurance claim numbers, including the GEICO claim number and Uber’s claim number.

$674,000 Verdict (Colorado 2021)

This Uber passenger was injured when the Uber driver pulled off before the plaintiff finished entering the back seat, and he got his leg stuck under the rear tire. The passenger required surgery to repair a fractured patella and other injuries. If the Uber driver had their auto insurance with UM coverage, that would have paid for the injuries and damages in this case. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and victims have to rely on Uber’s million-dollar commercial insurance policy, which is contingent on the liable driver’s auto insurance.

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