How to Make a Picture Collage on Facebook

The leading social platform happens to be Facebook, with almost 2 billion users today since its inception. With this statistic, it is safe to say that you also have an FB profile where you engage with friends and family or even business contacts. Since there is so much noise in your news feed, you want your posts to garner attention with stunning images. With a beautiful collage, you can ensure all eyes are on you! Why waste time when you can use a collage maker online instead of using complicated software that costs a lot of money.

The Perks of Utilizing a Collage Maker

Instead of slaving over a very difficult software, use a free virtual tool like to create stunning collages without spending a dime. With this tool, you can increase your Facebook friends and followers. No need to pay a graphic artist! You can also create more engagement as people prefer to react to eye-catching images. As such, you can get more likes, comments, and shares whether you’re sharing travel photos, birthday party pictures, prints, or promotional product images. Apart from images you may also concentrate on the videos. For that you may think of having a FB video downloader to download some of the attractive videos as a reference for your future works.

Furthermore, this tool comes with a very easy to use interface. Even kids find it very easy to use’s dashboard. Take note of the following benefits of using this free collage maker:

  • You can rely on pre-designed grids and themed templates to make your crafting life a breeze.
  • The templates can be readily customized to give it your unique touch.
  • Try modifying the background, colors, fonts, border, or graphic embellishments.
  • The final collage can be saved or readily shared on your FB wall or via PM.
  • You can download a high-res copy of the collage file for printing purposes.

The Simplicity of Using an Online Tool

With the perfect collage maker, your design life becomes easy-peasy. Even if you’re making posts for business, you can rest assured they look polished and professional. Best of all, you save your resources. So what are you waiting for? Start your Facebook crafting project asap.

Remember, modern netizens have no time to click on multiple pics that take forever to download. Say everything with a photo collage because you can put many images and words in just one frame.

The Steps Involved in Collage Crafting

Here’s how to get your FB project done. Take a look at the following steps below:

Step 1: Pick Your Fave Grid or Template

With, you’re spoiled for choice with the many grids and templates. Just pick your favorite layout based on your needs. These templates come with graphic clip arts that you can customize to fit your flair. Browse the template library to see which fits perfectly for you. Take note of these considerations:

  1. Choose the grid or template based on how many pics or elements you want to include. If you want to incorporate many items, the 15 Grid will work best. But if you only have limited photos, the 4 Grid is the best choice.
  2. Select the best theme that works for your purpose. For example, you want to showcase your family, the Happy Home Template works well. However, if you need to announce a new product on your FB business page, go with the Guaranteed Authentic or Hot Deal Template.
  3. Check if you want to highlight a few primary images. To illustrate, if you want to draw attention to a single photo, you can tweak the size to make it stand out.
  4. Pick the layout that can maximize the FB platform. For your cover, use the FB Cover Template to ensure you make a pretty banner that doesn’t get distorted. You can also use several layouts of your newsfeed posts. Your collage maker ensures you can use many photos in one go.

Step 2: Prepare the Images

Before you drag and drop the photos where you want them to be in the template:

  1. Make sure you prep them first.
  2. Enhance the brightness and contrast to ascertain superior quality.
  3. If some portions don’t look presentable, consider cropping them out.

Noteworthy, you can also resize the images to fit your needs. You can also try adding several photo effects. In the case of creating a collage for a family album you may consider family photos retouching to fix the common red eye issues.

Step 3: Drop the Images in the Template

You have the freedom to drop the images where you want them to be in your chosen grid or template. Make sure you arrange the photos well so you can attract your FB audience. A well-designed image on your wall attracts attention. So go ahead and let your creative juices flow.

Step 4: Personalize With Special Effects

With’s digital collage maker, you can kick things up a notch by adding special effects to your layout. You can count on these unique embellishments to give your FB pics an awesome punch. You can try the following tips:

  • Stickers: Use fun graphics, clip arts, or stickers to give your collage pizzazz. Find the best ones that match your collage theme. These cute and pretty touches will surely draw your FB fans’ eyes. As such, place them where they can make an impact.
  • Borders: Level up your pic collages with cool borders and frames that highlight your pictures. Change the thickness of the border or tweak the color. Fee free to play around with your design until you find the best one that suits your fancy. The easy to use interface assures you can readily make modifications without issues.
  • Fonts: A collage is never just about pics. It marries images and words to create a big impression on the viewers. You can use pre-make sticker words in your online tool. Also, why not try adding your own words using the text editor? Tweak the font size, style, and even color to get your message across effectively.

However, don’t forget to balance all the elements together. Resist the urge to over-decorate because something too busy is also an eyesore. Instead, make it classy by balancing everything out. You want to attract, not distract your FB friends and fans.

Step 5: Perform Final Editing

Finally, once you’ve finished incorporating everything, step away from your computer. You need to give your mind a break. After some time, go back to your project so you can check it with a fresh perspective. With this method, you can readily spot problems that need tweaking. Maybe you have a spelling error or perhaps you put the wrong sticker. Performing a final edit assures you have the best photo collages for your Facebook profile.

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