How To make a restaurant and bar menu QR code in a Post-COVID time for your operations?

With the implementation of social distancing and no-touch interaction policies during the COVID-19 outbreak, restaurants and bars are tapping the use of QR codes for their future business operations.

Ten months have passed since the World Health organization announced the mandatory community quarantine. And during that period, the food and hospitality industry is struggling to maintain its business profit. Because of the imposed community action, the economy is down and millions of people lost their jobs.

But as some businesses are giving their hopes up, the restaurant and bar industry is continuing their effort to provide people the food they enjoy. In order for them to provide the best and safe dining experience, restaurants and bars are integrating the use of QR codes into their new normal operations.

With the rise of the use of PDF menu QR codes, restaurants and bars are tapping their operations towards the future. And for them to make one, here are 6 simple steps on how to do them.

How to make a menu QR code?

  1. Open a QR code generator

Restaurants and bars always start to create their QR codes by selecting a QR code generator that can provide them with their needs. In opening one, they must consider two valuable qualities that a QR code generator possesses; the credibility to provide and the worth of partnering with them.

  1. Select the menu category and upload your digital menu

After opening the QR code generator, select the menu category of the interface and upload your digital menu.

  1. Generate your QR code

Continue in generating your menu QR code. To get a more competitive advantage in your QR code, generating them in a dynamic state is best.

  1. Personalize its design

Personalize your QR code design by trying out some existing templates or make one by selecting the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors. For a more professional look, you can add your restaurant logo and call to action.

  1. Test your QR code

To ensure accurate and faster scan results, run a scan test and determine any scanning errors.

  1. Download and deploy your QR code.

Once the scan test is done, continue downloading your QR code menu and deploy them in your restaurant.

How Post-COVID Restaurants and Bars tap the use of QR codes as the future of restaurant operations?

As their means of coping up with a touchless environment, restaurants and bars are tapping the use of QR codes to secure the future of their operations. And with that, here are five notable ways on how they utilize it.

  1. Touchless Menus

Restaurants and bars know the threat physical menus can bring to their customers. As they want to secure their staff and customer’s safety, they deploy the use of touchless menus as part of their dining experience. By just letting their customers scan the QR code as their touchless menus, they can ensure a faster and safe dining experience for their customers.

  1. Establishment check-in portals

To ensure a safe and COVID-free establishment, restaurant and bar owners are obliging their customers to check-in before dining with them. It is one of their ways on how to stop the spread of the virus. To ensure a check-in prompt, the use of QR codes becomes their customer’s portal to check in to their establishment.

  1. Payment

Restaurants and bars tighten their touchless dining campaign with the use of cashless payment methods like QR codes. Because of their easy to establish scan and pay steps, restaurants tap the use of QR codes to establish a safe cashless payment method.

  1. WiFi connect

To attract more customers, restaurants are establishing free WiFi zones in their establishment. But as typing the WIFI password can be a hassle for their customers, the use of QR codes allows their customers to seamlessly connect to the WiFi within seconds.

  1. Order Placement

For them to maintain their staff and customer’s safety, restaurants and bars are applying the use of QR codes in letting their customers order the food they want without risking their health safety. Thanks to its scan and order feature, restaurants and bars are able to create an operational ordering system that promotes a safe and secure dining experience for their customers.


In an era where traditional dining can’t hold a safe experience for its customers and staff, restaurants and bars are finding new ways to secure their profit and customer’s dining safety. Because of it, the use of QR codes is becoming their tool to create a secure and safe dining operation for the future.

And through the help of the best QR code generator as QRTIGER, restaurants, and bars are able to tap the use of QR codes towards a secure and safer operation for the future.

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