How to Make Customers Revisit Your Online Shopping Website?

Whether you are new to the eCommerce business or have been there for quite some time, customer acquisition or making customers revisit your online shopping website is quite an overwhelming and time-consuming task. To some, it seems like quite an easy task. But is that so?

With around 68% average cart abandonment rates, you surely want to do everything in your power to acquire new customers and make them come shopping again and again! It won’t be wrong to say that customers buy from brands that provide better quality products. The entire shopping experience from searching to buying makes them positively connected with a brand and return to buy again.

Remember, more than 70% of your business will come from around 20% of your customers. So, if you are also seeking tips to build a relationship with your audience, you need to keep them engaged in unique and new ways. To help you further, here are the top 5 tips to make customers come back, again and again, to buy from your online shopping website.

Let’s begin!

You Value Their Time

This is the one thing that everyone will agree upon unanimously. Modern businesses struggle to give their customers one thing they crave for- get things done without losing enough time. This is because many aspects of their life require their attention and time. And if a customer has to spend a lot of time shopping, it will make them frustrated a lot, leaving things in the cart.

So, make sure that you create a website that is seamless and helps them navigate to their products within no time. If you show them that you respect their time, they will appreciate it and return to your website.

You offer a unique pricing strategy

There are so many ways to help you come back to your website, and pricing is one such way. You must opt for competitive pricing strategies of formulas that allow you to attract more customers and stay as your loyal consumers. You can opt for captive pricing, price skimming, penetration pricing, or negotiation pricing strategy.

For example, one of the online shopping sites,, started this negotiation pricing strategy that helps customers save more than what they can find on regular shopping sites. They give their customers a unique opportunity to name their price for the products and lock a deal. In fact, the best part is that they provide free shipping and returns policy the same way other websites offer their customers. So, customers can rely on the quality of the products. What are you doing differently to make your customers stay?

You provide personalized experiences

Today’s online retail environment is quite challenging. The price pressure, discounts, market disruption, and price transparency make it quite overwhelming for online retailers to attract customers to stay. But there is one effective way to help customers revisit your online shopping website.

Personalization is the effective approach to creating unique experiences tailored to consumers. You can make use of data to offer personalized customer experiences. It will allow you to gain a competitive advantage when you execute it well. Also, research shows that customized experiences drive customer loyalty and increase the stay of customers with your brand.

You will be surprised to know that personalized experiences increase customer satisfaction rates by 20%. Also, it increases sales conversion rates and engagement rates. In fact, much data confirms that it returns three times higher than the returns generated by retailers with lower-satisfaction rates. So, are you providing personalized or tailored services?

You have impeccable customer support

If you want to make your customers stay, the best solution is to care for your customers. And that’s how you can easily retain your customers. Make your business efficient by making your customers happy with 24/7 customer support. Mistakes are inevitable. But how you handle them makes you different from your competition. Start treating your customers with dignity and never be annoyed if they ask questions.

This means that you must bow to the whims of every customer with a complaint. This will make them feel valued even when they are angry. However, you must know where the real problem is and never let anyone walk all over you. Also, if you make an effort to go beyond the minimum, it will make your customer’s day. This way, you will get repeat and more business using word of mouth because you over-delivered.

You stay in touch for more

Make use of social media marketing to stay in touch with your customers. This will allow you to create a bond on a personal level that you can’t make using a website. Please show them your vision, what you stand for, and provide them recommendations to know better about your deals, brands, and offers.

You can also keep a database of birthdays, send them newsletters about things that might interest them, and keep them engaged with your online store. You can also ask them for feedback after they complete the purchase. The idea must be to make them feel valued. And using those insights to grow your business.


Make your transactions ongoing with your customers. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. Don’t start like “thinking of you, hope you are doing well.” It won’t help you at all. It will seem like you are fishing for business. If you want to stay connected with your customers, make it evident and gratuitous. The key here is making meaningful and memorable connections.

Keep track of your customers using different tools. Make your products worthy enough so that your customers jump in and start recommending your brand. Comment on every post or article where your customers talk about your brand or product. Do whatever works for you. You can use calls, emails, and other modern solutions to help your customers make memories with your brand and use it to make customers revisit your online shopping website.

How are you engaging with your customers? Is it helping?

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