How to Make Video Quality Better: Windows & Mac With Steps & Guide

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If you want to make the best impact from any of your social media videos, YouTube videos, or video blogging, you must know how to make video quality better.


The worldwide video editing software industry is predicted to grow $ 932.7 million by 2025. So, the immeasurable growth of the video editing industry indicates the immense power of video editing to improve any video quality. Now, before diving into how to make video quality better, you must understand why you even need to make it better.

Well, in the case of video, it’s all about visual satisfaction. No matter how exclusive, attractive, useful, or engaging your content is, you won’t be able to make the most out of it unless it is visually appealing. It will reach a very limited number of audiences with limited impact. So, let’s see why and how to make video quality better.

Why Do You Make Video Quality Better?

All the latest high-end devices, including smartphones, smart TVs, etc, support high resolutions such as 1080p, 4K, 8K, etc. So, to match up the video streaming quality to that level, you have to increase the video quality if it is shot in poor quality. Apart from visual satisfaction, there are several other reasons for making video quality better. Let’s look at them

  • It makes the video attractive to the audience and keeps them engaged till the end
  • High-quality videos get more views and share
  • It helps to establish any brand with a powerful impact
  • It adds quality to your channel, blog, or social media profile 
  • It reflects the esthetics of the video maker
  • While increasing video quality, you can restore your old, damaged, poor-quality video clips and transform them to its best quality 
  • No matter how blurry or shaky your video is, you can upscale the video depending on your requirements using the best video upscaling tool without investing time, energy, and money in reshooting the video again

How to make video quality better on Windows using UniFab AI Video Enhancer 

UniFab AI Video Enhancer requires a few clicks to transform any video completely from trash to treasure. Whether you are a beginner in the video-making industry or a Pro, you don’t have to do anything manually with this tool. Instead, this powerhouse AI tool is all set to enhance video quality up to 4K with HDR10/ Dolby Vision support. It will also enhance the audio quality with an EAC3 5.1 or DTS 7.1 audio track. With complete automation, it can remove unwanted digital noise, compressed artifacts, blurriness, etc. And if you only want to upscale your video resolution, you can use the UniFab Video Enlarger AI.


  • Explore lossless video conversion & compression with 1000+ formats support, including Mp4, MKV etc
  • It offers SDR to HDR upscaling while adjusting colors, brightness, lighting, etc.
  • It can handle any type of video, including old black-and-white movies, animation, homemade videos, etc.
  • It eliminates digital noise while adding realistic effects 
  • It supports shake stabilization while boosting Fps
  • Explore dynamic video editing with cropping, flipping, splitting, mirroring etc.

Step 1: After installing the UniFab program on your Windows system, click twice on the UniFab icon to open it. Then, move to the “Enlarged” mode in the left side panel.

Step 2: Then, add your desired video to the program for quality enhancement by clicking on the “Add” option. Or, using the drag & drop option, you can also upload your desired video to the program.

Step 3: Customize the video format, quality, resolution, etc., to personalize the output profile. Next, select the “Start” option to initiate the video enhancement process.

How to make a video better quality on Mac using iMovie

Being a built-in dedicated free video editing and enhancing app for Mac and iOS, iMovie offers versatile features to transform any video to its best quality. From image stabilization and color correction to shake stabilization and speed changing, you can do anything to give a new look and appeal to any average or poorly shot video. While video enhancing, it also lets you experiment with the audio by adding separate music tracks, recording voiceover, etc. 


  • Explore flexible & powerful video editing with cropping, rotating, adjusting color settings, etc.
  • Get ready to use transitions such as slide, fade, cube, mosaic, etc
  • You can explore multi-clip video effects with a blue or green screen option
  • It offers a background removal option with split screen & picture-in-picture effects
  • Enhance audio quality also by removing the background noise 

Step 1: On your Mac system, you need to click on the iMovie app icon and select the video clip you prefer to enhance in the browser or timeline.

Step 2: 

In the “Top” of the viewer option, you will see the adjustment bar where you should select the “Enhance” option.

Step 3: Audio-video enhancement will take place automatically, and in the adjustment bar, some of the buttons, such as the color correction button or color balance button, etc, will be highlighted to indicate that these corresponding factors have been adjusted for your video enhancement.


If you have no idea why and how to make video quality better, this article would surely guide you thoroughly in your video-making journey. However, for a beginner or professional, it’s always better to go for an AI automatic video enhancing process of UniFan AI Video Enhancer over manual editing. It will save you time and give you multiple ready-to-use options to select the right one according to your choice without needing any skill, knowledge, or expertise.

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