How to Make Your Blog Profitable in 2021


Being cooped up, each of us starts thinking about giving up offline work and switching to the Internet. In 2021, one of the most prospective solutions to make money sitting at home is a personal blog. In some way, you need to show off your personality, present your writing skills, and monetize a blog. Everyone can try this way of earning. Let’s reveal the secrets of how to make money from a blog account.

Develop a Relevant Blog Topic

Before you start blogging for money, you must think thoroughly about every step you’ll take. Making your first and simple page is easy as ABC. For beginners, it’s crucially vital to start with the relevant topic. That is, you, as a blogger, need to prove your knowledge in a specific field.

For making money with blog tools, you should be profoundly engaged in your topic. This is vital. Otherwise, it’ll be challenging writing about stuff that isn’t relevant and relatable to you.

Let’s look at how to make money from blogging by providing a topic. Look back at the previous experience; the following subjects have been viral:

  1. Repair and building;
  2. Business and finance;
  3. Traveling;
  4. The medicine;
  5. Relationships.

The blog topic has to trigger the readers. It isn’t necessary to devote it to the most popular and trending things. Choose the one that relates to you.

Create a Blog on a Special Platform

How do blogs make money? They use select platforms to create their pages. In a nutshell, these are the steps to make your blog:

  1. Define your field;
  2. Come up with a domain name for a blog. It should be capacious, display its subject matter;
  3. Register a name. It mustn’t be taken. Otherwise, you’ll have to come up with another one;
  4. Choose the hosting;
  5. Link the domain (register DNS servers). That is, inform the hosting about your registrar and the registrar about your hosting;
  6. Select CMS, a blog program, and upload it to the hosting after downloading it to your computer;
  7. Understand the ins and outs of CMS.

Now you can go to the platform where you’ll create your blog. It’s better to use WordPress for posting Seo articles. So far, it’s the best free CMS not only for a blog but for any content project. The lion’s share of templates and plugins are created especially for WordPress.

Create Useful Content

At this stage, adhere to the following rules:

  1. Add content regularly. Post at least one text a day;
  2. Give people valuable and expert information. Though the rewriting still looks okay on information sites, on the blog, it isn’t appropriate. A brisk style of articles and humor will help keep the target audience;
  3. Study SEO-optimization issues and correctly spell the keys in the texts.

You can either write it on your own or order the text on special platforms. An SEO article will bring more users to your resource. It contains suitable keywords. Thus, a writing agency can help you prepare high-quality selling blog posts.

Sell Your Business

The big advantage of managing a blog is the opportunity to earn 2-3 times more by creating your brand name.

Let’s say you work as a copywriter. Then, you can write articles about the profession on your blog and give some pieces of advice. Besides, you can arrange a separate section in the form of a portfolio.

Potential customers will see and appreciate the author’s style. Comments will prove that a copywriter can attract and retain an audience through cool texts. After 3-6 months, the specialist won’t have to chase clients. They will come themselves.

Who else can use a blog as a free advertising platform?

  • Web designers, IT-specialists, SEO-optimizers, SMM-specialists, and other freelancers;
  • Online store owners;
  • People selling handmade products;
  • Tutors, lawyers, psychologists, coaches.

Sell Information Products

The success of an info-businessman 50% depends on the product itself. The rest is on a competent advertising campaign. People are unlikely to buy information from an unknown person. If you haven’t yet achieved success in the offline sphere, then your own blog can help you prove your expertise.

Bloggers usually sell books and courses through landing pages. But often, people are reluctant to trust them. Another thing is a trustworthy blogger who always recommends good stuff. That is, you should invest in your page promotion to gain a loyal audience.

Affiliate Programs

According to AVAPartner, which has a popular Forex Affiliate Program, one of the most promising ways to start blogging for money is to start using affiliate programs. It’s about placing affiliate advertisements on your site.

In almost any thematic niche, you can earn money by reviewing products. You’ll get a certain percentage each time someone acts. It can be both registration and purchase clicks.

This is a profitable partnership between a blogger and advertiser. The latter receives a verified registration (CPA), and you get paid more money for a verified registration.

Paid Blog Posts

Another example of making money on the Internet is to write blog posts for money. If your blog is authoritative enough in its niche, then other users or brands can approach you with offers to advertise their site or product. The cost of such cooperation depends more on your ability to negotiate than on blog traffic.

These can be detailed reviews and ads of the following cases:

  • Projects;
  • Services;

Monetize Links

How do bloggers make money with the help of links in 2021? They place indexed backlinks to other sites. You can apply this method if you have some basic knowledge of SEO optimization. Besides, you need to understand what a link mass is.

In a nutshell, the more sources link to a site, the more authoritative it seems to search engines. Besides, your page is more likely to get top search results. Site owners are looking for the same webmasters who are ready to post links for money. Thus, you can post links and get paid.

To sum up, a blog is an up-and-coming platform to make money on the Internet. Yet, you should be zealous enough and aim at long and profound work. Then, you’ll achieve excellent results in blogging for money.

About the Author:

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and SEO. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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