How to move your pets?

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Pets have become an integral part of every home. They are not just animals but an extended part of our family. Some people go out of their way to care for their pets. They not only provide us with good company but also reduce stress, anxiety, and can be playful and bring joy to owners. They are nothing short of a blessing and should be treated as such. Problems arise when a pet owner has to relocate to a new house and has to move his pets with them. These problems, though stressful, can very easily be solved by a few preparations.

Make A Checklist:

Before moving, it is highly recommended that one makes a checklist of all things they must do to make the moving experience less intense. The checklists should include all the necessary actions for your pets as well, for example, taking them to the vet, stocking up on their food supplies, etc. We’re  not perfect and can easily forget minor details, jotting everything down can help us keep track of what’s to be done and making a checklist is the best way to keep everything organized and give yourself some space to breathe. Some free moving checklists can be found on that can further save one’s time in designing and printing checklists.

Trip To A Vet:

Moving your items is already stressful enough and if your pet’s health breaks down during relocation it can really be daunting and devastating. So before moving to a new location, it is advised to take your pets to the veterinary doctor and get them checked. This ensures that the animals are healthy and will not suffer from any health abnormality during your move. The experience of moving becomes more enjoyable when you have your pets in good health to accompany you.

Stocking up on Food Supplies:

Moving can be very time consuming and exhausting and may make your pets hungrier than usual or thirstier. To save one’s time spent in running around finding stores to buy animal food of your choice, it is advisable to stock up on some extra bags of pet food and drinking water before moving. This will help you feed your pets anywhere easily and will save you extra trips to the store.

ID Tagging:

Losing your pet is an awful and painful experience. Unfortunately, pets often wander off and get lost. And in the hustle and bustle of moving, sometimes, you may lose track of your pets and they could wander away and get lost in an instant. To avoid this from happening, pet owners should ID Tag their pets in advance with proper names and addresses.

Moving By A Trusted Moving Company:

People often prefer to move their pets by a moving company. This drastically simplifies the experience of moving but also creates new challenges which the owner should prepare for in advance.

1. Getting the Right Moving Company:

The first step is to find a good trustable moving company that’ll help move your pets to a new location. Your pets should be handled by only the best, most professional staff that already have experience in moving animals when it comes to relocating. Search online for sites which provide information on  the right movers,  per your demands. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for moving quotes online.

2. Protecting your Pets:

Another factor to consider is that moving agencies may carry precious pets to a new place in cages which many homeowners find extremely cruel to the animal. So, an owner should ensure that the moving agency doesn’t carry the pets in cages that are too small or cramped for the animal. The pets should have enough space to move freely. This will also make the moving experience for the animals less stressful and less enduring.

3. The policy of Your Movers:

It is imperative that before moving, you discuss with your moving company their policy of moving pets. Some companies require you to take extra steps before moving your pets e.g. having microchips in them, making sure they are given shots of certain vaccines, etc. So, it is highly recommended that the policies must be understood and followed by the pet owners in advance.


Moving pets to a new location can seem like a hectic mission. But with only a few minor adjustments and planning, it can actually be a very simple task not only for new homeowners. So, to conclude, it is always advisable to plan ahead of time to reduce any unwanted tension or stress.

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