How to open your own online casino without a license

Standard algorithm for opening your own online casino includes obtaining a gaming license. The licensing procedure is long, time-consuming, and expensive, even in countries where gambling is allowed. And if the country has a ban on online gambling, as in the US for example, an entrepreneur must choose an offshore zone to obtain a license. And within the framework of the selected jurisdiction to go through the whole process.

Relevant question: is it possible to open your own casino online without a license? – It is possible if you choose the solution of White Label.

The principle of the White Label online casino

Today there is a wide offer of White Label casinos from leading developers on the market. The peculiarity of this solution is that the entrepreneur buys a fully equipped and ready to launch online casino. He can add his design (if not satisfied with any of the options provided by the platform developer) and focuses on the development of a loyalty program, bonus policy, online marketing.

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The provider is charged with the legal and technical part of the project maintenance, including obtaining a license and games. Such a solution saves time and energy of an entrepreneur, providing a quick start. Providers usually offer a White Label solution at an affordable, acceptable price. The pitfall is that in the future, the casino operator will have to pay regular bills for technical and legal maintenance as well as for each game players have played, rather it slots or roulette online game. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the price of this issue right away.

The main advantages of the solution

The White Label online casino solution is very popular. The costs incurred by the operator as a result of regular payments to the provider are compensated by the quality and professionalism of the service, as well as the high profitability of online gambling.

Let us highlight the main advantages of such a solution:

  • Speed of start – this method allows you to open your own online casino within 3-5 days.
  • Readiness of the product to launch – all necessary software products are integrated between themselves and ready to work.
  • High quality software – today’s players highly appreciate the quality and variety of gaming software, as well as the reliability and availability of payment software. With the right choice of provider, an entrepreneur gets at his disposal modern software with the possibility of updates.
  • High-quality professional technical support 24/7.
  • Provider’s solution to legal issues, including obtaining a gaming license.
  • Moderate prices.

How much can you earn?

Earnings from your online casino depends on several factors. The main ones are attendance and winning percentage, or the rate of return of the games to the players.

It is believed that 90% of casino yield depends on the average number of users per day and 10% – on the quality of service, bonus policy and so on.

In fact, both of these factors are interrelated. The number of visitors depends on the chance to win at the casino, the convenience of its interface, the number of available games and bonus offers, as well as other such factors. As the number of customers increases, so will the profits.

Opening costs

Often there are questions: How much does it cost to open an online casino? In fact, it is quite a simple procedure and not very costly. You will need a computer, on which the software will be installed and connected to the Internet, which has a stable speed. Each software has its own requirements for connection speed, but usually any modern provider is able to provide it.

In addition to the cost of hardware and Internet connection, it is worth considering the purchase of the program itself. The cost of each of them is also individual and can be found on the developer’s official website.

In addition, you will need to buy a domain, to work over the Internet. Its cost is about 10 dollars a year (of course you can find much more expensive domains as well). You also need to buy hosting. On average, this is another plus $20 a year. Thus, the maintenance of the site will cost about $30 a year.

The remaining costs will depend on the level of your casino and the quality of service. If you hire operators in tech support, administrators, accountants and other support staff, you should consider the cost of paying for their work.

What to consider when creating a website

Before you open an online casino, you need to do the following:

  • Install a package of modern slot machines;
  • Integrate casino software;
  • Integrate payment systems;
  • Engage in promotion of online casinos.

Software and the number of popular games directly affects the popularity of the site among users. At the initial stage of development of the site does not need to fill it with a large number of slot machines. Need to determine which games are the most popular among players and, first and foremost, run them. This way you can attract both experienced users and beginners. Expanding the range should be carried out gradually. For a comfortable use of the resource, you need high-quality software, which will ensure its smooth operation.

The more payment systems the site supports, the wider the range of potential users will be. Players may give preference to different financial services. For a certain percentage of players, the ability to use a convenient payment system is crucial when choosing an online casino.

But a casino will not be effective without its promotion. To make your site known to potential customers, it is better to turn to professionals to promote such projects.

Service and maintenance

Maintenance and service of the online casino plays an important role in its development. For this purpose, it is necessary to use only quality software that meets the following requirements:

  • Work smoothly and of high quality to provide a convenient gameplay;
  • The interface should be intuitive so that the player can understand its functions himself;
  • High speed, ensuring that a large number of games work correctly and quickly at the same time;
  • Support not only access via PC, but also have a mobile platform. Most online casino customers visit gambling sites through mobile devices.

To keep visitors on your site, you need to provide quality customer service. To a large extent, it concerns the support service, which should work promptly, and the operators themselves should be well versed in all the subtleties of the online casino and be as competent as possible. Also, you need to ensure a fast speed of financial transactions (deposit and withdrawal).

Attracting customers to online casinos

To attract customers, online casino advertising alone is not enough. If the player gets on the site, it is necessary to interest him and create such conditions, so that he would like to visit the resource again.

For the successful development of the online casino should:

  • Think through a bonus policy;
  • You can create groups and pages on social networks, which will be published information about interesting proposals on the site;
  • Get the support of advertising firms, bloggers or promote your advertising on pages with many subscribers.

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