How To Perfect Your Boxing Technique In 3 Simple Steps

Training as a boxer requires a consistent amount of discipline, self-confidence, and effort. Whenever you are seriously considering becoming a boxer, you will need to join a gym and work with a trainer. However, the majority of beginners will start to train when they are unable to afford a trainer. 

You should aim to train for 3-5 hours for 3-5 days per week if you are serious about becoming a boxer. This article outlines how to punch harder and faster, improving your technique overall.

There are three simple steps that you can take to enhance your boxing technique and these are as follows:

1) Focus on your punching technique

This will help to enhance your endurance and power. Throwing good punches involves throwing efficient punches. These punches transfer power with ease and grace, ensuring that your opponent is hit with the utmost proficiency. 

While working on training your endurance and speed is essential, focusing on bettering your punching technique will lead you to become a better boxer overall.

While completing your punching drills, you should focus on leading with your elbow. Throwing your elbow at your opponent is far more effective than using your wrist. You should also aim to stay compact, flailing or moving your body unnecessarily should be avoided at all costs. 

You ideally want to keep your non-punching hand close to your face and your legs sturdily positioned.

You should allow your arms to rest properly during breaks. Allowing your arms to remain loose is essential as holding them tensely and rigidly will undoubtedly tire you out quicker. 

2) Focus your attention on smooth bag drills

Speed bags are a great tool to use in order to enhance your overall technique as these enable you to develop a consistent rhythm when punching. 

Using heavier bags also enables you to hit using a circular, regular motion while keeping the bag moving. Using these bags is the best means of building endurance, coordination, and connection using your hands.

You should use the speed bag for 5, 3 minute sessions, and rest for 30 seconds between each session. Using the heavy bag is crucial and you will want to hit it for 5 minutes, punching as if you were in a fight. Staying on the balls of your feet is crucial, and the more that you can improve your footwork the better.

If you are seeking a more advanced, tiring workout, then you should swing the bag prior to punching. This will force you to focus on a moving target. Try to engage in 30 second sprints in order to increase your arm endurance. 

When using a heavier bag, taking 30 seconds to throw numerous punches will help you to focus on speed, as opposed to power. After you have hit the bag for 30 seconds, you should rest for 30 seconds before repeating this exercise 5 more times. 

3) Implement a strength-training regime

Choosing to lift or using your body weight in order to build muscle is key. Irrespective of your style, you should try to mix in 3 days of strength training per week before cutting down to 1 day during fight weeks. 

Fortunately, boxing is muscle-focused and thus, you will be making huge gains every time you shadowbox, fight, or spar. Aiming for big multi-muscle exercises will build the most muscle in the shortest period of time.

You should also start by sparring at a slow pace. This is the best tool for beginners, as slow sparring helps you to focus on technique within a safe exercise. Slow sparring involves you throwing punches at 75% of your normal punching speed. However, this is the best means of working on your weaker hand, focusing on moves or techniques that you are yet to fully grasp.

You are training to react to a live fighter, and thus, building the right skill-set is essential. Slow sparring will also help you to focus on your coordination, teaching you how to follow through on punches correctly while keeping your footwork in tact. This will also teach you how to keep your hand in the correct position at all times. The aim of boxing is to ensure that all body parts are moving in conjunction with each other.


To conclude, if you follow the three key steps that I have outlined in this article, you will dramatically improve your boxing technique. This will help you to navigate your opponent with ease and the utmost proficiency. Thank you for reading. 

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