How to pick meaningful gifts like a pro?

Psychologists believe that the main criterion for the right choice of gift is to know the characteristics of the person’s character and your relationship with him. It is believed that relatives and friends can make a gift easier than colleagues or business partners. 

In the first case, people usually know about the tastes, hobbies, and interests of their loved ones. But it is preferable for colleagues or people you don’t know well to take something neutral. 

It is recommended to follow an ultimate gift guide and take into account the following things:


  • Character and habits

Character and habits are two of the first things you need to pay attention to when you are trying to choose a meaningful gift.

For lovers of active lifestyles, you can give new sneakers, other sports clothes, or fitness bracelets, while for other people, such things can be completely useless, so you have to choose a different gift.

The color of the gift also depends on the character. More peaceful people would prefer neutral colors, while people who cannot sit in one place for a long time prefer bright and attention-grabbing colors. Although this is not an inviolable rule, there are always exceptions.

  • Hobbies

If you know the hobby of the recipient of the gift, it may be of great help when choosing. A collector will enjoy a new copy for his collection, a guitarist – new, high quality strings or guitar gadgets.

Something that is perfect for the recipient’s hobby will make him happy. But care must be taken, the collector may already have the same thing in his collection.

  • Profession

If you do not know the hobby of the recipient of the gift, you can focus on his profession. One important rule must be followed here – the recipient must like his profession, and we know that not all people get to work at their dream job.

This should be taken into account if you decide to choose a gift associated with work. In this regard, it is recommended to give things that will stimulate professional growth.


The more effort is put into choosing the gift, the more joy it brings. If the gift was bought hastily at a gas station, its emotional value is lower.

But if the person giving the gift is able to find the exact book that their loved one has been looking for for days, the person will be very grateful.

Still, you don’t have to make incredible sacrifices. The extra attention can be found in the card or even the way the gift is wrapped.


The first and most important part is listening. This factor is close to mind, but it has double value for the right choice of gift. However, you often fail to apply it.

Before you buy a gift, set yourself up to pamper the person you want to please. Unconsciously or not quite, he will give you hints about what he needs.

All that remains is to catch them. Secretly jot down your ideas as soon as you hear something. Carry a small notebook or use your smartphone.


When choosing a gift, it is extremely important to listen to the other person’s emotions, or in other words, to be empathetic.

For example, a tablet is a wonderful gift, but it will mean much more if it is filled with shared photos or the favorite music of the person you are giving it to.

For the recipient, the emotional value attached is more important than the material value. Think about how you will touch the feelings of your loved one.


Identify the message you want to leave for the person you give a gift to. Before giving up, think about your personal experiences and shared moments that you have experienced with the particular person, how you feel about him and what you would like to tell him.

This way, you will greatly limit the possible gifts you can give, and accordingly, it will be much easier to choose the right gift!

Make a list of items that would help you convey the message you want to get the object of your gift.

Once you have identified the message you want to convey, you can safely start drawing a list of gifts that you think can send the message you feel is right for your gift.

It is important to clarify here that you should also consider the taste of the person and his interests so that you choose the best possible things. 


Experiences are the perfect gift when you are not sure what gift to give. They bring emotional satisfaction to both the giver and the receiver.

  • Choose an experience, not a physical object.    

Many people prefer experiences over things, so think about how you can give the person something that will create a pleasant emotion. Check out local events, concerts, restaurants, and other cultural events that one may like.

  • Give tickets for something s/he would like

Think about what the person likes and look at the events in your area. Buy a ticket to the event and place it in a card and then in an envelope. If you have the financial capacity, you can get 2 tickets so he/she can go with a friend.

  • Never combine an expensive and a cheap gift

The temptation to add a tie to an expensive shirt, for example, is great, but the idea is not good at all. Adding a cheaper gift to a more expensive one will hurt the overall acceptance of the surprise, experts say.

This is called the Presenter’s Paradox. Imagine giving someone an expensive bottle of wine with a few plastic glasses to drink it from – this immediately devalues ​​the gift.

This is because people tend not to think economically and rationally about such things. People need to understand that sometimes less is much more valuable.

  • The gift should be appropriate for the occasion

It is usually a good idea to choose universal gifts if you are shopping on the occasion of a wedding, anniversary, or birthday of friends or relatives.  Especially for anniversaries in marriage, a unique anniversary gift is one of the essential things to make the celebration more memorable than ever.

If they are very close to you, you can give them something related to their hobbies and free time. Birthday gifts, especially for loved ones, should be something personal and you must be sure that they will like it.

At the very least, it’s due to the fact that you value those people and hardly want to leave a bad impression and sloppiness on their special day.

For Christmas and New Year’s gatherings between your colleagues and your bosses, it is good to settle on something symbolic, not too fancy and in no way special.

It could be a gift to leave in the office or give each person a keychain with a message. Try to give it with finesse and fun.

It is not ethical to give a gift and expect something in return. If you have received a favor from someone, it is good to thank them with a nice gift at the end, not at the beginning.


  • You can’t accommodate the celebrant’s wishes, so you buy something else

It happens often that the person giving the gift can’t meet the wishes and needs of the person receiving it. For example, there is not a large enough budget set aside.

In the place where the giver is located, such a product or service is not available. The problem comes from the fact that, in the end, something unnecessary and inadequate is taken. And the celebrant won’t get any happier than that.

  • You shouldn’t wonder too long about the gift

It is commonly believed that the more thought you put into what you are giving as a gift, the more valuable the gift will be to the recipient.

But in reality, he cannot feel whether the giver has put a lot of effort or a little effort into choosing the gift. So don’t wonder for too long. Basically, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely the most appropriate gift.


The gift shouldn’t be something that’s needed or useful. Instead, it should show appreciation, love, and a desire to please. To be from the heart, not out of obligation.

To fill both the giver and the receiver with satisfaction. Give your time to those you love; don’t count your presence, don’t dream of being somewhere else, but be with your loved ones with all your soul.

If your thoughts are elsewhere, think about whether you are with the people you love, and why are you not where your heart is? Be inventive, unpredictable, surprising. Take a surprise trip; go to a new place; meet new people. Leave a memory.

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