How To Prepare For The Army Cognitive Test (BARB Test)

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A strong cognition is a basic requirement for various job posts, especially those associated with the military. It requires quick decision-making when faced with adversities and tough circumstances. This is why cognitive tests are in place for selection in the army. These tests are as much technical as they can be on abstract values and therefore can create a complex and delusional mix for the candidates up for the test. Some of the particulars like the BARB test require special assistance for being cleared in the right time frame. Here are some of the tips for preparing for these tests.

Knowledge of strengths

Cognition Test can be tricky and therefore an appearing candidate should work upon the things that he or she can understand and answer better and at ease. Every candidate is strong in some subjects and maybe weak in others like mathematics and grammar. Such questions can be left for later, while those that fit at ease should be attempted first to secure maximum marks before the time goes out.

Skipping vs guessing

There are two critical questions that candidates should know the answer to. These are if the questions have a negative marking and whether there is an option to go back to the previous question in online and digital formats. The answer to this will help in deciding whether to skip a question or guess an answer. Both situations pose a great deal of risk. However, the decisions should be balanced between risks and rewards. It is better to know the marking format beforehand to land on a decision.

Aiming for excellence instead of perfection

The prime aim should be clear to all the candidates. It is not to answer all the questions correctly but to answer enough of them correctly. The choice between the two makes a great difference. Excellence will help in clearing out the test and making it to the next round. However, approaching perfection can be way too risky and may delude the chances of securing the position, despite getting the required answers right but losing them to negative marking.

Track of time

Candidates should keep in mind not to spend more than one minute on each question. This should be practiced well enough. One should be able to answer within thirty seconds after reading the question. Effective time management and tracking will be pivotal in ensuring that you complete the test in time. Plus, it can also provide time for pondering upon and analyzing difficult ones with ease.

Keeping preparations strong

Practicing as many tests as possible will not only help in getting familiar with the pattern and the conditions but also sharpen and mold the mind in the required frame. It is to be remembered that the examiners expect an officer’s frame of mind and only constant practice of the tests can help candidates in getting there beforehand. Constant improvement in mistakes and evolvement will become a part of the candidate and that will be sensed by the selection department. You can also check out the site, Assessment centre HQ for some effective tips for preparations.

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