How To Prepare For Your Move To University

The big day is rapidly approaching. Are you excited? Anxious? Terrified? Catastrophically unprepared? We’ve compiled a list of quick things you may do to make university life that little bit simpler.

1. Make a packing list

Packing your life into boxes may not sound appealing, and you’ll find any reason to delay starting.

Start by taking one step at a time instead of committing to a huge task in one go. It’s also worth contacting a reputable moving company like Compare The Man & Van so that you know your belongings will travel safely.

If you keep your home well-organised, you’ll have more time to recall unusual things that you may forget about otherwise.

2. Learn how to do laundry

If you’re not yet completely familiar with the inner workings of a washing machine, now is the time to learn. You can’t (yes, really, you shouldn’t) wait until your first weekend home to bring a black bag full of laundry for someone else to deal with.

While you continue to live at home and have family and siblings who can assist, get familiar with the connotations of various symbols on apparel labels as well as what different detergents do.

3. Learn to make a few simple meals for yourself

Pasta with pesto gets tiresome after four nights in a row. A few easy meal ideas will keep you full, save you money, and even impress your housemates!

If you’re a novice chef, begin with simple dishes like baked potatoes or macaroni and cheese. It’s time to learn the fundamentals of opening a can or chopping an onion if you’re a total novice.

If you’re not a total novice, play around with classic dishes to keep things interesting, and re-use leftovers (there are numerous student culinary blogs for simple and cheap dinner ideas out there if you’re not).

4. Work out your budget

Draw up a budget (or even better, an entire year’s worth) for your first term at university before you start wasting money on tickets for freshers’ week activities and engaging in poor behaviours. Try to estimate how much you’ll spend on food, entertainment, and other items each week after calculating rent, transportation, course fees, and other important expenditures.

This can help you avoid having to contact your parents for an emergency bank transfer in the middle of the term…

5. Follow your university’s social media sites

You should join any social media sites linked to your university to begin feeling a part of the group. In the end, you’ll be a part of it sooner or later! It’s an excellent method to stay up to speed on all the latest school news and activities throughout freshers’ week.

Look up your university’s main page, as well as the housing office, students’ union, or a specific club, to learn more.

6. Create a bank account

Get your finances in order before you go to university, while you still have time to compare rates and choose the best bank account for you. This will also allow you to talk things over with your parents rather than having to decide on your own.

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