How to Present Your Business on Social Media

Social media interaction is one of the most important parts of having a strong online presence because it allows for direct communication with your audience. Having social media accounts is one thing, but you need to know how to use them to your advantage. Your social pages need to be obvious, and the brand needs to be consistent across all platforms. If you’re struggling with where to start on social media, follow the simple guide below. 

Complete Your Profile

Having a complete profile might seem like a given, but you’ve been surprised by how often it’s missed out. When you’re setting up your profile, make sure that all of the contact information, mission statements, and “about us” sections are filled out. When you’re managing your accounts, carry out a monthly check to make sure there are no new features available to fill in. From one social media account, prospective customers should be signposted to your website and all other contact avenues. 

Use Fresh Images 

Images are a fantastic way to prompt engagement with social media content, but you need to make sure yours stands out from the crowd. You can do this by using the Picsart background changer, which will help you take a tired photo and turn it into a fresh image. As well as adding excitement to your images, this great tool will help you to conform to social media sizing guidelines. 

Cross-Channel Promotion

Typically, people use more than one social media account, but they may only follow you on one. There’s no harm in asking existing fans to drop you a follow on other platforms. If you don’t want to be so brazen, then use your bio to name-drop other platforms. Further, if you’re trying to break into the Snapchat space, you can use your Snapcode as your profile picture. 

Use Branded Hashtags

Make sure you add branded hashtags into your bio, especially if you’re using Instagram. Signpost people to different areas, link to your website and create a hashtag for your company. When people visit your business, they can use the hashtag that will forever be linked to your business account. To make sure your hashtags are performing well, you can make the most of these free hashtag tracking tools. 

Include Socials in Emails and Letters

Believe it or not, email marketing still has the highest ROI in the digital marketing landscape. The open rate for targeted emails is surprisingly high, which is why you should ensure your signature includes your socials. Further, if you send out newsletters to fans, make sure you point to your social media presence. You can combine your socials with a branded hashtag challenge, which will give readers an effective call to action. 

Social-Specific Discounts

Give people a reason for following you on different social media accounts by posting regular platform-specific discounts. You can add special codes to your posts that are only available to followers, and then you can check the engagement rates to see how well they do. Gaining followers is one part of the battle but persuading them to stay is a different challenge entirely. 

Shoppable Tags

If you’re a retail brand on Facebook or Instagram, you should make the most of shoppable tags. When you create content around new products, you can add a tag for people to follow your website, where they will be able to buy the product. This saves people having to head to your website and find the product they’re reading about and will boost your lead generation. 

Having a social media presence is the best way to communicate with your audience in this day and age. You can get off to a great start by following the guidelines above. 

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