How to Prevent Spam in Your Corporate Email Inbox

There are credible ways you can thwart the majority of the spam from reaching your inbox. If you run your business via a website and email is one of the ways you reach out to the customers, chances are you have received plenty of unwanted emails.

It may be messages from the companies you once subscribed to or mailing lists you have never signed up for. This can be annoying, especially when you are busy serving your clients. Here are various ways to prevent spam in your corporate email.

Don’t post your email address publicly

Not unless you are sure of the potential clients, do not share your email address publicly. Keeping your business email address off public forums and even away from your business website is a great way to reduce spam from your corporate email. Even though emails are great ways to communicate with clients, you can rely on other means of communication.

You can chat directly with your clients through the website instead of allowing them to send the emails manually to you. This technique is great protection against email threats as it stops bots from scraping your website and stealing your contact information.

Block unwanted email senders

Blocking email senders is the simplest way of preventing spam in your corporate email. This keeps off spammers from contacting you again. Though this is not a foolproof way of eliminating spam, it reduces the level of junk and noise in your inbox. There are some email providers who will give you the option of blocking the sender from your inbox.

Any devoted spammer can create a new email address and contact you again, but you have to keep on blocking them every time they send a message. In most cases, most of them send out a huge list of messages to different people, trying to get a few targets to work on.

Use domain privacy

Paying a nominal annual fee for the website domain privacy is one of the best ways to help reduce spam in your business. Without domain privacy, attackers may use the WHOIS database to see your information. Some of the information that your attacker can steal from your organization include corporate email addresses and contact details.

Purchasing domain privacy keeps your contact information masked. In this case, no hacker can be able to see it unless they send a request to you. Unless you are sure that the email sender is genuine, never allow anyone to see the information. This method works great, especially when carrying out social media marketing. You can direct as many potential customers as possible to your corporate website.

Hire virtual assistant

Sometimes your business might be growing at a very high rate, and your inbox is running out of control because you are coordinating many tasks. In this case, you can hire a virtual assistant to help with the administrative tasks. Sharing the available tasks in the organization helps to be more organized. This way, you will easily thwart spam out of your corporate email.

The virtual assistant will coordinate the activities of the email account, including cleaning up the inbox, sorting spam, and making sure that everything is right before opening any of the emails sent. Ensure that you advise the virtual assistant to only reach out to people who have signed up for your email list and keep it to a respectable minimum.

Don’t reply to spam

Sometimes if you reply to a spammer, you may encourage them to keep on sending more spam to your inbox. This means that most of them are trying to entice you to fall for the laid phishing scheme. If you are suspicious about the email sent to you, do not even open it. Just delete it right away or report it to spam.

Hackers send malicious emails that can download viruses and malware to your computer systems. The malware will encrypt your files and keep you out of control unless you pay the ransom payment that the attacker requires. Most spammers will track their messages to check whether they were opened or not. And this means they are more likely to send more to those that opened the emails.

Register an alternative junk email address

Sometimes it’s advisable to have a separate email apart from your corporate email for the business. Then, you can use this email to address all marketers and potential clients and sign-up for various sites that offer the same services. This way, you will redirect all these messages to one email and prevent spam from reaching your corporate email inbox.

But you have to be careful to avoid using the email attached to any of your separate website domains for this purpose. That’s because you can get locked out of your account and lose control over the website. Ensure that your junk email address is something you can easily remember.

Use email filters to combat spam

You can quickly strengthen your email filters to combat spam from reaching your corporate email inbox. You can choose the level of the filters from the Gmail account settings. Depending on the frequency of the spam, you can either choose “Low” or “Safe lists only.” Safe lists only ensure maximum protection as it only allows emails from your Safe Senders List to contact you. So, you are sure of every email sent to you and the contents of the email.

If the level of spam is not too high, you do not need to crank up your settings very high. You might be blocking potential leads from contacting you. The best thing is to find a medium that you can best work with where your filters only ensure that the unwanted content from suspicious addresses is blocked from your inbox. This will prevent spam in your corporate email inbox, but it will also ensure that you are opening safe emails.


Spam is likely to be an issue with your corporate business. That’s mainly because not all potential clients are real clients. Some have suspicious intentions, and hackers can use them to infiltrate your systems.

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