How To Protect & Prepare Your Home for A Move

When moving your household items from one area to another, it is important to be organized. From preparing your family to your belongings, you need to make sure everything is ready for a move. 

There are many factors you need to put into consideration before you move. For example, hiring a professional moving company is crucial if you have a smooth moving process. However, a DIY move is possible if you do not have many items to move. 

Nevertheless, every task when moving needs attention. For example, if you have fragile items, you need to ensure they are well packed, moved, and unpacked. Failure to prepare well means a stressful process. 

So, before you pack and move, here are a few tips that will help you protect and prepare your house for a move. 

Protecting and preparing your home for a move

  1. Recruiting professionals

One way to ensure your household items are protected during a move is to engage professional movers. When you hire commercial movers to move your items, you will be sure they will arrive in the new home safely and securely. 

However, not all moving companies are reliable. Therefore, make sure you research the companies to select the best. A good moving company should be licensed, certified, and insured. 

A professional moving company such as NYC movers has trained and qualified personnel who know how to move office and household items. They know how to pack, move, and offload valuable items. So, you can be assured that your items will be well moved. 

  1. Book an appointment with the movers

Once you have identified a reliable moving company, the next step that will ensure your belongings are well protected is booking an appointment. You do not want to be disappointed on a moving day. 

If you have a tight moving budget, consider days or seasons to save money when moving. For example, moving during winter or on weekdays is a good option. During this time, the movers are busy, and you might get a discount. 

So, contact the moving company to pick the best moving day. Also, make sure your home is well prepared for the move. 

  1. Protect your house floor

Another essential tip that will ensure your home is protected when moving is minding your floor. Your floor can be damaged when moving large furniture pieces and big boxes. Fortunately, when you hire professionals, they know how to protect the floor. 

Most use floor runners to prevent slipping, while others have moving blankets to protect the floor from any damage. 

  1. Purchase the best packing supplies

When moving, make sure you purchase the best packing materials to protect your home and belongings. This will ensure there are no damages or misplacements when relocating. For instance, purchase big boxes for lighter items and smaller boxes for heavy things. 

  1. Dismantle all the large furniture

If you have large furniture pieces or appliances that can be disassembled, the best option is to dismantle them before moving. This will ensure the doors, floors, and walls are not damaged when moving. 

  1. Book your apartment lift

When moving in or out of an apartment, make sure you have booked the lift to use it when moving your belongings. In many apartments, you need to book in advance. Therefore, consult the caretaker and ensure you have the green light of usage. 

  1. Pad and wrap the large furniture pieces

Another way you will ensure your house walls and floors are protected is to pad and wrap the big furniture pieces. When items such as furniture are padded, they are protected from damages, and your house is protected as well. 

Nevertheless, the best people to pad and wrap large furniture are professional movers. Since they are well trained to handle the job, you can be confident everything will be protected. 

  1. Remove the doors

You can briefly remove your house doors if you are moving big boxes, large appliances, and big furniture pieces. With the help of experienced movers, removing the doors will ensure your home and items are well-protected when relocating. 

  1. Hire movers who can help you pack and unpack

Packing and unpacking household items is not a simple task. Without experience, you may misplace or damage some of your belongings. Therefore, look for a professional moving company to help you pack and unpack incredibly fragile items. 

  1. Do away with unwanted items

When moving, make sure you get rid of things you do not need in your new home to save time and money. From books to clothes and furniture, make sure you sort them out before you start moving. 

Final Word

By hiring professional movers, you will move your household items quickly. Even though you can move your items independently, hiring a professional company is licensed and registered to carry out moving tasks. 

They are experienced, better equipped to move large boxes, skilled to disassemble furniture and understand the sensitivity of moving valuable items. However, make sure to research well to recruit the best commercial movers. 

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