How to raise your online casino site in search queries?

For an online gambling business to be successful, it is not enough just to have a website. You need to work on it – fill it with the necessary content, update pages, identify technical problems with subsequent correction or elimination. The main goal of all manipulations is to raise the site in the Google search positions.

Five years ago, site owners mainly paid attention to semantics, resource structure, bought links on well-indexed websites but did not care how to raise it in search positions. Now, these methods also remain relevant. But their use alone in SEO-promotion is no longer enough. There are new factors that cannot be ignored. With their appearance, the approaches to SEO optimization of an online casino website have also been updated.

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So, what are search positions and Google queries?

In short, that’s Google’s algorithm named RankBrein. The development of the algorithm is based on artificial intelligence. Its technical implementation is a self-learning system. Google engineers say that RankBrein is one of the key ranking signals. The algorithm helps the search engine handle multiple and infrequent questions – those never asked Google. The number of such requests is increasing, at the moment they make up about fifteen percent of the total mass. Considering that Google processes about 3 billion requests per day, new, extraordinary requests amount to about four hundred million.

Promoting websites using artificial intelligence-based algorithms makes life difficult for online marketers (especially for the ones who work with online casino brands). Adapting the content of web pages for this algorithm is difficult, but real.

The start for adaptation will be content creation. In it, the user should see the answers to extraordinary questions, for example, take a look at the page adapted for “check this top list casinos online” request. This is a different version of the “top list of online casinos” search query. However, the “top list of online casinos” is a very competitive query, and “check this top list casino online” is not competitive at all. So, here you can have a granted an amount of 200 visitors per month with this exact keyword promotion. Besides, full consideration of the interests of a particular user and compliance with his current needs are required.

Developing the content of a website is very difficult, you need to stock up on time and patience. There should be constant updating of information, creation of informative and easily digestible content by visitors (if possible) – local requests. For a better understanding of the search queries – you can learn everything about the competitiveness of the keywords with ahrefs online tool. Ahrefs, is probably, the best SEO tool available on the net.

How to analyze your online gambling site?

Stages of work:

  • analyze the sites of your competitors. It helps in identifying structure for the resource, key phrases, interesting and important topics for articles;
  • work with keywords. Make a list of them. After the semantic core is ready, you can start writing materials on the pages;
  • see if unique content is located on your pages. This is a very important condition. If it is not observed, then the web resource will become passivized. It can be blocked;
  • experienced copywriters can make content with keywords and phrases organically inscribed in the body of articles. You also need to optimize the site code;
  • carry out the linking of the site, placing links leading to the pages in the materials of the portal. This makes it easier for the user to navigate the site.
  • competently conduct external optimization. Place links to the customer’s resources from other websites. This significantly increases the rating with which search robots work.

These are the key stages for Search Engine Optimization of your online casino site. So before making such a website, always keep in mind that this is not an easy option and always requires updates and monitoring of search queries. You also may want to pay professional SEO specialists for making a “dirty” job.

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