How to Record and Transcribe Phone Calls

Phone calls are essential conversations, regardless of personal or business matters. But, as we talk to someone through a mobile device, we sometimes forget to remember detailed information. You’re lucky if you can write it down while talking. But if not, it’s quite a hassle. 

Fortunately, there is now the so-called call transcription. It helps you keep the conversation intact for future reference. Lessen the burden of remembering the entire talk with this quick guide about recording and transcribing phone calls. 

What is Call Transcription

Call transcription is converting a voice call or video call into written words. The audio track becomes stored in plain text but conversational language. It is popularly known as speech-to-text transcription. 

Transcribing phone calls is possible through call transcription software. The automated process works during the live call or as the event happens. Or you may transcribe a past recording of a conversation. 

Advantages of Transcribing Phone Calls

Recording and transcribing phone calls is truly handy. 

Keep records

A transcription record of a phone call stores as long as you want. It serves as a future reference and helps you pick up on the last topic. 

The typical scenario of transcribing phone calls is during rep-to-customer conversations. The representative can quickly learn about the issue. Plus, you can identify critical statements and highlights. Therefore, reducing the repetitive queries and allowing a continuous flow of conversation. 

Easy search of specific information

Recording and transcribing phone calls help in easing the research process. Going back to the entire conversation is tiring. You might even miss the particular detail you need. But with transcribed calls, scanning for reference is more efficient. 

With phrases, highlights, or keywords, you can easily catch up. Helping out a fellow rep about a particular issue is more convenient. 

Support legal purposes

A recorded and transcribed phone call is vital for legal circumstances in rare situations. That’s why it’s best to have a prepared call transcription. It is evidence and proof of the talk between the rep and customer. 

Also, you’ll have a better understanding of the scenario. Thus, you can handle the situation is a non-bias approach. 

No wonder people believe that call transcription is a powerful tool. It is convenient in business, medical, training, and legal matters. 

Quick Tips in Recording Phone Calls

To record and transcribe phone calls is not easy. Before you can start transcribing phone calls, it is a must to make a recording first. But it depends on the kind of mobile device used. 

Android Phone

Recording phone calls with Android is free through the Google phone app. 

  1. Choose a recording app on the Google Play Store and download it. 
  2. Record incoming and outgoing calls by opening the phone app. 
  3. Tap the record icon once the mobile conversation begins. 
  4. Touch the stop icon to end the recording. 

Most mobile apps don’t allow conference calls. Some automatically save call recordings in the inbox, then delete them afterward. Choose an app that is suitable for your need. 


An iOS device has a free downloadable app called TapeACall. It allows unlimited recording with a cloud backup. Also, it offers instant sharing options. 

  1. Unlock the app features through in-app purchases. 
  2. Start recording phone calls by opening the app. 
  3. Tap the red record icon to enter the conference call of a TapeACall line. 
  4. Add the contact person to the call to begin the recording. 

Although Google Voice is applicable on the iPhone, it has its limitations. It only records incoming calls from Google Voice numbers. That’s why it is necessary to use third-party iPhone apps to record both incoming and outgoing conversations. 

A recorded phone call is a must-have before you can transcribe it. Nevertheless, don’t forget to ask the other caller’s permission before recording the call. 

Easy Tips in Transcribing Phone Calls

After recording phone calls, you can now transcribe them. Listening to the MP3 file takes time. If the original call is long, you’ll need the same amount to get it done. So take note of these tips to finish in time. 

Export recording

From the call recording app, export the audio file. It can be in MP3 audio or WebM file and MP4 for video. iPhone usually takes MP4 or MOV format. 

  1. Select the recording and click the button for the player. 
  2. Choose various ways to share the recorded file to your computer or mobile device. The popular ones are via email, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, or DropBox. 

Remember that options vary based on the mobile device and app used. But it follows the same concept.

Upload recording to transcription page

An AI transcription software eases the work for transcribing phone calls. It helps in converting an audio recording to text fast and securely. Once you have a copy of the audio file, upload it to the transcription page. It works in two different ways. 

  1. You can upload the call recording itself. 
  2. Paste a URL link of the recorded phone call from Google Drive, iCloud Drive, or other storage location. 

It is necessary to attach the correct file to avoid wasting your time. Also, upload the valid format suitable for the software’s transcription format. 

Select transcription option 

After uploading the audio file, choose a transcription option that best fits you. A great example of transcription software is Transcribe by Wreally. It converts phone calls, speeches, podcasts, audio notes, interviews, etc. 

Also, the conversion of recorded speech to text comes in over 80 languages. Plus, its average turnaround time is less than an hour. Furthermore, it has convenient options for transcribing phone calls. 

Automated Transcription

An automatic transcription works like magic. On top of transcribing the recorded audio files, it also reduces background noise. That’s why it produces clearer audio. 


Self-Transcription uses workflow tools for a faster and simpler process. For example, unlike the conventional media player tool, there’s no need for a word processor. 

Recording and transcribing phone calls is genuinely essential for any aspect of life. Ease out the burden of doing it by following this quick guide. Also, make use of a one-stop transcription machine like Transcribe by Wreally. It helps polish content posted on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Also, it has impressive transcription features like Auto-Save, Auto-Loop, Text Expansing, Foot Pedal Integration, and more. The best part of all is that it focuses on security. Thus, it ensures that recording and transcribing phone calls is always private and confidential.

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