How To Recover Your Website SEO After a Hack


Getting a good ranking on Google is one of the best marketing techniques, but maintaining the top rankings is even more important. Is your website hacked? Here we will explain what can be done when you lost control of the SEO of your website and, for whatever reason, you begin to fall in positions.

The loss of positioning can be something natural, considering that new competitors continually appear. Depending on the industry we work in, these competitors may be hard at work on SEO. But it can also be something as simple as the Google algorithm changing. Perhaps a technique that at a given time was very relevant today may not be as important and directly affect the positioning of your website. In any case, it is possible to improve your position in the Google ranking if you play your cards well. Digital marketing has improved significantly over the past years as one of the best methods for connecting with your target market, a digital marketing company will help your website generate leads and close deals.

However, you need to keep the following things in mind if you want to develop a digital marketing plan that will support the expansion of your organization.

A Good SEO Does not Panic

The first thing you should do is verify the situation. Sometimes we use services that monitor the ranking of a website and overnight we find that we have fallen terribly in the ranking. There is no need to be alarmed until you have verified the situation. A good practice is to search yourselves, for which it is advisable to make a session in incognito mode and search on the Google site itself. Even if everything goes wrong, it is convenient to monitor the situation for a few days to verify this drop in ranking, because sometimes Google itself may be carrying out some type of test with certain searches.

Use Google Search Console to Deduce the Reasons for the Lost Positioning

The first place you have to look is the Google Search Console, which is the search engine service that allows you to keep track of the performance of domains in searches. From Search Console, you can check how your website is indexed if you have URLs that are causing problems, and whether they are programming or indexing errors.

In Google Search Console you will also be able to know if your site has suffered any manual penalty, for incurring SEO practices which are unethical, or if you have duplicate or poor quality content. The work with Google Search Console has to be constant and make sure that the number of errors found is always decreasing and that, if new ones appear, they are corrected quickly.

Find Out if There has been a Change in the Google algorithm

If you are up to date with the most relevant SEO sites, you will surely find out about Google algorithm changes soon. But if not, it is possible to detect a trend of change if in a general way all the pages of your site are declining in traffic. Algorithm changes always try to reward websites that host quality content: original, of adequate length, with good information architecture, where there is a correct relationship between content and markup, etc.

Those sites that are dedicated to SEO and therefore try to exploit various favorable conditions at any given time may find that the algorithm changes affect them more relevantly. Since certain techniques can make them gain positions at a given moment but even be considered negative after a while.

Analyze Links from Other Sites to Yours

Links from other pages to yours are one of the most important factors for a good ranking. That is why it is important to review this point. If you notice that you had links on other pages and they have been removed, try to recover them. Also, continue with your link-building strategy to always improve in this aspect.

But you should also check that there has not been an increase in toxic links, that is, low-quality links, on sites with a little or negative reputation and that do not address content similar to that of your website. If this is the problem, remember that you have the right tools to analyze and disavow incoming links from Google Search Console, in an operation known as “Disavow”.

Check Indexing Errors

It sounds silly, but sometimes the problem is as simple as poor site programming and leaving a robots.txt file that blocks certain page content from being indexed. This may happen when we install a new CMS or perform a platform migration. Again, Search Console can help you a lot to locate these types of problems

Make use of the above tips if you are facing a google search result hacked problem.

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