How to Recycle Your Junk Car and Earn Money?

If you have an old car that you want to sell off because you cannot use it any longer, how do you make money out of it? Considering the condition of the car is so bad that is has little or no resale value, you can always use the car parts as your asset. Yes! Your car parts are sellable and can fetch money, even if you don’t have any other way to make use of it.

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Rubber and glass in old cars can quickly go for recycling and produce brand new items. However, you can only make good money by selling off these parts to the correct places. In this article, we will discuss how you can recycle your junk car and earn money.

Recycling tires is a must

Tires are one of the most significant auto parts that need recycling due to their harmful effects on the environment. You may often see that heavy trucks and vehicles carry big tires in large numbers from a junkyard. Well, the chances are that these tires will go through an entire recycling process.

The massive production volume in the car recycling sector has led to government interference in tire recycling. Tires are non-biodegradable and have high durability. Plus, the production of millions of tires every day makes it more important to recycle them once worn out. Otherwise, millions of old tires will also pile up every day and create so much waste on Earth.

The latest technology makes it possible for us also to reuse tires. Such old tires are commonly sold to three markets- civil engineering applications, tire-derived fuel, and ground rubber applications.

Car batteries

It is essential to dispose of car batteries safely because those contain acids, plastic, and lead, which are also environmental hazards. It is precisely why nowadays majority portion of car batteries undergo a proper recycling process.

In fact, in the USA, car batteries are the most common car parts that are recycled. The old batteries are more likely to turn into newer ones. Plus, plastic and lead will be available for the production of other products.

Selling old car batteries can fetch you quite a few dollars too! You must remember to be cautious if you are trying to recycle car batteries. Firstly, you must not touch a car battery with bare hands because of the harmful lead and chemicals. So, wear gloves and ensure that the batteries are never exposed to any flame or extreme temperature.

Glass recycling and repurposing

Interestingly, a piece of glass can take over a million years to decompose. Therefore, glass recycling is now a big industry and a successful one too. Now, the glass you see for a bottle is very different from that of a car window.

The latter comes with an extra layer of protection to prevent it from shattering in an accident. Besides, selling your junk car window panes can be more profitable if they are in excellent condition.

While these are the most important car parts that require recycling, you can earn more money by recycling the catalytic converters and other parts.

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