How to Remove Duplicate Photos [Windows & iPhone]

Photos are one of the main reasons behind storage space issues in our computers and smartphones. It’s not just that we have too many photos stored, but also the substantial duplicate ones. That’s why we have seen many individuals searching for how to remove duplicate photos.

Oftentimes, we remain ignorant about duplicate images until we face storage issues. For instance, we may copy the photos from one folder to another but don’t remove the photos from the previous folder. So, if you are also struggling with duplicate pictures, then this guide is for you. 

In this guide, we will first evaluate the possibility of deleting duplicate pictures and then discuss a few proven ways on how to delete duplicate photos on Windows 10/11 and iPhone. So, let’s get started!

Part One: Can I Delete Duplicate Files on My Computer?

Yes, it is possible to delete duplicate files from your computer. If you know where duplicate files are stored, you can simply go to that folder and delete them manually. Besides that, you can use different Windows built-in apps and features to delete duplicate files. 

To save time and instantly delete duplicate files, you can use reliable duplicate remover software that can scan and delete all duplicate files with a few simple clicks. Now, head to the next parts to learn how to remove duplicate photos using the best-proven ways. 

Part Two: How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Windows 10?

Gone are the days when you have to manually find duplicate photos and remove them. Now, you can easily and autonomously delete duplicate photos on Windows 10/11 with the help of 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter tool.

4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter is an AI-powered, intelligent duplicate files and photos deletion tool. Its smart algorithms can perform in-depth scans of your selected folders and partitions and can detect and remove duplicate photos instantly. 

Some of the key features of 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter are as follows:

  • It can find and delete duplicate photos from any folder, partition, external hard drive, SD card, etc. 
  • Its advanced MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm to detect duplicate files quickly with 100% accuracy.
  • It allows you to adjust the similarity threshold to identify photos that are very similar but not identical.
  • It allows you to preview and remove selective duplicate photos.
  • It provides a click-based, user-friendly interface with no learning curve.
  • It can alert you of duplicate photos in real time to remove them in a timely manner.
  • It can also detect and remove duplicate videos, documents, audio, etc. 

In short, 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter is the most advanced and modernized tool to intelligently delete duplicate pictures from Windows 10/11. 

Now let’s quickly discuss the steps to learn how to delete duplicate photos on Windows 10 with 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter: 

Step 1. Download and install 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter on Windows 10. Launch the tool and click the “+” icon from the home screen to select the folder/partition to scan.

Step 2. Click the “gear” icon to specify the scan settings, such as file type, file size, deletion filters, etc. After specifying all settings, click “Scan Duplicates” to initiate the scan.

Step 3. Wait for the scan to complete. Once done, preview and select the duplicate pictures to remove. Lastly, click the “Remove” button.

That’s it! This way, a 3-step process with 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter can quickly remove all duplicate photos from your Windows 10. So, why wait more? Download 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter now and get rid of duplicate photos right away.

Part Three: How to Delete Duplicate Pictures Free [Windows]

Windows built-in tools and features can also assist you in deleting duplicate pictures for free. You can use the Disk Cleanup, Photos, and File Explorer tools to delete duplicate pictures free. Although these methods are not efficient and require more manual effort, you can still manage to delete duplicate pictures with them. 

Let’s now discuss all these methods one-by-one and learn how to remove duplicate photos in Windows 10/11.

Way 1: Remove Duplicate Photos Using Disk Cleanup Tool

The Disk Cleanup is a Windows built-in tool to remove unwanted files, including duplicate pictures that may be present in temporary folders. So, follow the below steps to remove duplicate photos using the Windows Disk Cleanup tool:

Step 1. From the Windows Start menu, search for “Disk Cleanup” and open the tool.

Step 2. Specify the drive from where you want to remove duplicate pictures

Step 3. Tick the “Temporary Files” checkbox because duplicate pictures are sometimes stored there. Once done, click “OK”. 

This way, the Disk Cleanup tool will remove temporary files, including duplicate pictures.

Way 2: Remove Duplicate Photos Using Windows Photos App

Another effective way to delete duplicate pictures free in Windows is through the Photos app. The Windows Photos app is the default app to organize and view photos. It also allows you to make edits in photos, such as cropping, filtering, etc. So, you can also use the Windows Photos app to remove duplicate photos.

Follow the below steps to learn how to delete duplicate photos on Windows 10 via the Photos app:

Step 1. Launch the Photos app and scroll all the pictures, or go to a specific folder from where you want to delete photos. 

Step 2. Identify the duplicate photo, right-click it, and tap “Delete”. The photo will move to the Recycle Bin, from where you can permanently delete it. Similarly, you can scroll and delete other duplicate photos.

Step 3. To delete multiple duplicate photos at once, click “Ctrl” and select all the photos to delete. Afterward, right-click and tab “Delete”. All the selected photos will move to the Recycle Bin.

This way, you can use the Windows Photos app to find and delete duplicate pictures. However, this process depends on your manual efforts, which means you have to spare significant time to scroll, detect, and delete duplicates. 

Way 3: Remove Duplicate Pictures Windows 10/11 Using File Explorer Search

Just like the Photos app, you can also use Windows File Explorer to search and delete duplicate photos manually. Follow the below steps to use File Explorer:

Step 1. Open the Windows File Explorer app and go to the folder that contains duplicate pictures.

Step 2. Change the view settings to easily identify duplicates. For that, click the “View” tab from the top and choose either “Large icons” or “Details”.

Step 3. Click the “Sort” tab from the top and sort the photos by name, date, or type.

Step 4. Scroll the photos, select the ones that are duplicates, and remove them (right-click > delete).

This way, File Explorer is another handy way to delete duplicate pictures free in Windows. However, it again involves manual efforts, which increases the chances of missing some duplicate images. 

Part Four: How to Delete Duplicate Photos in iPhone

Apple has introduced the “Duplicates” feature on iOS 16 and iOS 17. This feature allows users to easily delete duplicate photos with just a few simple clicks. It basically merges the duplicate photos by keeping the highest quality image between the duplicate ones and deleting the others.

Follow the below steps to learn how to delete duplicate photos in iPhone with the built-in “Duplicates” feature:

Step 1. Open the “Photos” app on your iPhone. Tap the “Albums” tab and click “Duplicates”.

Step 2. Click the “Merge” button next to a duplicate image to merge it. 

Step 3. To merge/delete all duplicates at once, click the “Select” button from the top. Afterward, click “Select All” and tap “Merge” from the bottom.

This way, you can easily remove duplicate photos on your iPhone without any complicated steps. 

Part Five: Tips to Reduce Duplicate Pictures 

Now that we have learned how to remove duplicate photos, it is also important to learn a few useful tips that can help reduce duplicate pictures, as follows:

  • Careful Manual Transfers: When transferring photos from one folder to another, use the “cut” option instead of the “copy” option to avoid creating duplicate photos in both folders. 
  • Use Folders to Organize Photos: Organize your photos in folders to reduce duplicates. In fact, your computer will notify you when you are trying to transfer the same photos twice. This helps to reduce duplicate photos automatically.
  • Preview Before Removing: Make sure to preview photos before removing them to avoid unintentionally deleting important photos.
  • Use Cloud Storage Services: Use cloud storage services like Google Photos to store photos, as they can automatically detect duplicate photos.
  • Identify Duplicate Photos by File Name: Duplicate photos often have a numeric digit in their file name, like image (1).jpg. If you find such file names, it means they are duplicate photos.

In short, if you start organizing photos properly and pay attention to the above tips, you can reduce duplicate photos and save time and effort in removing duplicate ones.


  • Can Windows photos detect duplicates?

Windows Photos does not offer a built-in feature to detect duplicate photos automatically. However, you can use it to manually find and delete duplicate photos stored in different folders.

  • What should I do if I don’t want to delete duplicate photos?

To avoid deleting duplicate photos, you can move them to a different folder. Moreover, you can also rename them to give them a unique identity. 

  • What should I do if I need to find duplicate photos again?

To find duplicate photos again, you can use a duplicate finder and remover tool like 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter to rescan the folder/partition and find duplicate photos again. Alternatively, you can manually look for duplicate photos and delete them. 


Deleting duplicate photos sometimes becomes necessary to free up storage space or organize photos effectively. That’s why this guide discussed some of the best ways on how to delete duplicate photos on Windows 10/11 and iPhone. Out of all the methods discussed above, 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter dominates as the best choice to delete duplicate pictures in Windows. Its click-based interface, automated deep scanning, and instant deletion of all or selective duplicate photos make it a hassle-free process to find and delete duplicate photos. 

To wrap up, the final recommendation is to download 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter and remove duplicate photos right away.