How to Remove Unwanted Faces from a Photo Without Violating Anyone’s Privacy

Removing the faces of people who accidentally ended up in your photos is not just a matter of common courtesy, but also respecting the boundaries of people’s privacy. Additionally, publishing photos with unfamiliar people can lead to unpleasant consequences for you due to legal violations. To avoid any unnecessary complications when posting pictures online, it’s easier to simply blur the faces of those you don’t know and who haven’t consented to be in the photo.

There are numerous apps for smartphones and computers, as well as online services, that allow you to easily and simply blur faces. Today, we’ll take a closer look at several top options among which you can find something suitable for yourself.


BeautyPlus is a popular free photo editing app for anyone to easily edit photos on both iPhone and Android devices. It is super user-friendly and easy to use. Open the app and you will find the blur feature to effortlessly blur faces and protect privacy. Additionally, BeautyPlus’s AI Remover is a new magic tool to erase passengers and cleanup pictures for naturally amazing results. Just swipe across the unwanted elements and its AI technology seamlessly fills the space, leaving you with a flawless pic like they never existed.


Using this online service (, you can easily remove not only the faces of strangers from photos, but also blur license plates and other confidential information that you don’t want to disclose to others. To perform retouching, you need to follow a simple instruction:

  1. Open the service’s website and click on the “Tools” button in the top right corner of the site.
  2. Among the list of available tools, select “Blur Faces.”
  3. Add the photo you need to process by clicking on the corresponding button. You can also upload your own picture from one of the supported cloud storage services.
  4. Click on the “Add Blur” button, after which a blurred rectangle will appear on your image.
  5. Drag it to the desired location. You can adjust the size and shape of the blurred area, as well as adjust the intensity of the blur using the corresponding button.
  6. After processing, simply save the result. Now your photo is ready for publication on the internet without any violations.

With Watermarkly, you can remove faces from photos on any device – everything works through the browser, the main thing is to have stable internet access. Batch processing is available to users – you can upload multiple photos to the site at once and start processing them. Most features are available completely free, but you can always purchase a subscription for a year or lifetime access.

Find more details here on how to blur faces using iPhone.


With this editor, you can also anonymize the faces of strangers in your photo. The service supports uploads from your computer or smartphone memory, and you can also use cloud storage. Iloveimg operates in two formats – free and through a paid subscription. In the free mode, however, you’ll have access to fairly limited functionality. Additionally, in the free version, you cannot contact customer support if you have any questions during the photo editing process.


Lunapic is an online editor that allows you to crop photos, resize them, and remove people’s faces. Processing here occurs automatically – the editor analyzes the photo and automatically blurs all faces. You only need to select the part of the image from which faces need to be removed, and on which area they can be retained. The downside of the service is its rather complex interface and the abundance of additional features. You’ll need to spend quite a bit of time figuring out how everything works here.

Smartphone Applications

You can also blur faces in photos using special applications that can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone or tablet. We have compiled a selection of the most popular programs that you should pay attention to.


This is a free application where you’ll need to unlock some features for money within the app. Compatible with iPhone smartphones, it allows you to quickly edit photos on the go. One of the program’s features is blurring faces and other elements in photos. You can adjust transparency and other parameters.

Video Mosaic

This app is worth noting if you need to blur people’s faces not in photos but in videos. The app is only available for iOS smartphones, and most features are unlocked only after purchasing a premium subscription. Also, in the free version, there is quite annoying advertising that often interferes during processing. The service’s feature is the addition of automatic mosaic over all faces present in your video recording.

Video Toolbox Movie Maker

Despite being primarily designed for working with videos, you can also use it to process your photos. The free version offers about 20 filters, and to expand the application’s capabilities, you will need to purchase a paid subscription. Note that when processing videos, the blur effect will be statistical – if faces in your video are moving, you will need to use other software.


If your photos contain elements that should not be published on the internet (such as faces of strangers or vehicle license plates), you should not refrain from posting such images. It is sufficient to simply do a minor retouching to blur out the unnecessary elements and not violate anything.

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