How to Remove Watermark from Image/Video with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made things easier than ever. Now, you can do almost anything in a fraction of time by using AI algorithms. It is being used in many industries and fields, and it is the future.

Video and image editing has been a cumbersome and time-consuming process for decades. It required a lot of effort, expertise, and experience to make minor edits. Even if you need to remove watermarks from videos and images, you need to spend a lot of time and use expensive software.

Fortunately, AI has made video and image editing easier than ever. With the help of an AI tool, you can remove watermarks with one click. People can save a lot of their precious time and remove watermarks from a batch of images in one go. For image/video editors, AI is more than a blessing.

In this article, we will share how to remove watermarks from image/video with AI. We will show you the step-by-step procedure to get the job done without any hassle.

Let’s begin!

Part 1: Best Choice – iMyFone MarkGo 

One-click to Remove Watermark with No Quality Loss [Win & Mac]

iMyFone MarkGo is an all-in-one and splendid solution for watermarks. Whether you want to add or remove watermarks, it is a perfect choice. It works on images as well as videos and supports almost all formats. Apart from watermarks, you can also remove text, background and unwanted objects from your images.

The AI image watermark removal is more than amazing. You only need to select the image and then click on the button to remove the watermark. AI will automatically detect the position of the watermark and remove it without compromising the quality of the image. The best part is that you can add multiple images and remove their watermarks in one go.

The AI video watermark is also exceptional. It allows you to remove the watermark with one click. AI detects the watermark, even if it is moving, and removes it without disturbing the quality of the video. Most importantly, if you are not satisfied with the final video, you can get exclusive remote watermark removal services. You can contact the expert, attach your video, and provide all the information. The experts will give you a better solution within 48 hours.

How to Remove Image Watermark with AI of MarkGo

  • Step 1: Launch the application and click on Remove Image Watermark.

  • Step 2: Click on the Add Image option and select an image from your computer.

  • Step 3: You will see the uploaded image on MarkGo.

On the right, AI Removal will be selected by default. So, you just need to click on the Remove Now button. Within a blink of your eye, the watermark will be removed.

  • Step 4: Click on the Settings icon to select the destination. Now, click on the Export Now button to save the image.

How to Remove Video Watermark with AI of MarkGo

  • Step 1: Launch the application and click on Remove Video Watermark.

  • Step 2: Hit the Add Video button and select a video.

  • Step 3: You will see the uploaded video in MarkGo. You can also play it or crop it.

The AI & Exclusive Removal option is selected by default, so you need to click on the Export Now button to remove the watermark. The watermark will be removed in no time, and your file will be saved to the selected location.

Part 2: FAQs – How to Remove Watermark from Video?

How can I remove watermarks for free? 

You can use iMyFone MarkGo to remove the watermark for free. It is an amazing watermark removal tool powered by AI. After the removal of the watermark, you can take a screenshot of the image. If you want to export the image, you need an upgraded version of MarkGo.

What is the best AI watermark remover? 

MarkGo is the best AI watermark remover because it is powered by AI. The algorithm detects the watermarks on its own and removes them. With one click, you can remove the watermark from multiple images. It also removes watermarks from videos, which also has AI removal and expert watermark removal services for VIPs.

How to remove a full watermark from a video? 

If you want to remove the watermark from a video, you can download MarkGo. Once the tool is downloaded, install it and launch it. Click on Remove Video Watermark. Now, select your video from your computer and click on the Export button. The watermark will be removed by the AI of MarkGo. It will take some time, depending on the size of the video.

Is there a program to remove watermarks online?

Yes, there are dozens of programs that you can use to remove watermarks online. You can use InPaint, Apowersoft Watermark Remover, HitPaw, and many other tools. But keep in mind that these tools do not offer perfection. Moreover, there is a security issue when you upload your images or videos to these online tools. Therefore, a desktop tool is a perfect option, and you can try iMyFone MarkGo. It will remove the watermark from videos and images with perfection.


Watermarks ruin the engagement of your videos and images. Viewers see the watermarks instead of the content. Therefore, removing watermarks is necessary. A few years ago, video and image editing were quite difficult, and both required expertise and experience. But now, AI has made video and image editing simpler and easier. You can now remove watermarks using AI removal tools with one click. It is the perfect option for beginners as well as experts. It not only saves your time but gives you pixel-perfect images and videos.

We have explained how to remove watermarks from image/video with AI. You can try iMyFone MarkGo to remove watermarks from images and videos. It is a splendid tool that removes watermarks in no time. Just select the image and click on the button, and the watermark will be removed without any hassle. Download MarkGo and enjoy its amazing features.

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