How To Run a Business Remotely

The smaller point of view only shows the benefits of employees working for a remote company. They get flexibility, greater satisfaction from their job, and loyalty towards the company they work for. The benefits are not only confined to the employee’s end; businesses can also harness this emerging work module.

All you have to know is how to run a business remotely and employ the right virtual assistant services in the right places.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the significance of remote working. Many businesses shut down due to a lack of capacity to run their businesses remotely. Technological advancement has allowed us to keep our businesses running no matter where we are.

Moreover, in this recent market recession, you should cut down on large operational and overhead costs to profit more. Enterprises that have a strong determination to preserve the economy utilize all the viable options available to them. If you are a new entrepreneur or a startup, running your business remotely can be a game-changing strategy for you.

5 Tips to Run a Remote Business Successfully

The success of a remote business depends on the type of business you run. You have to put together all the resources along with your action plan for the business. In this article, you will learn about the basics of running a remote business successfully.

Set Clear Goals and Action Plan

A clear goal automates the growth route of business. Before starting your remote business, you have to clearly define your business goals. You also need to prepare action plans to achieve those goals.

Business goals should include,

  • The nature of your business
  • Business model
  • Demographics of the employees requires
  • Management functions
  • Communication channels

Hire Well Trained Remote Workers

Every employee at some point wishes to work remotely considering the independence and flexibility he/she gets. However, not all the employees are able to work under minor supervision. You have to hire experienced and well-trained employees for your remote business.

Hiring process is the one problem that all new businesses want to avoid. Thus, companies now keep it easy by hiring virtual assistants from business process outsourcing providers.

Qualities of a successful remote employee,

  • Your remote employee should have very effective communication skills
  • He/she has to be an independent worker
  • Self learning is another good quality
  • Time management
  • Sould tech knowledge
How to hire virtual assistants for your remote business?


You can hire your virtual assistant in three common ways,

  1. Hire from the marketplaces like fiverr, upwork
  2. Contract a business process outsourcing firm
  3. Recruit through job posting.


Streamline Communication Methods

If you have a fully remote business, your team will be working from different locations. Communication is the integral part of your business. Your virtual assistants may come from different locations and cultures. You have to ensure that they can work efficiently by collaborating with each other.

Things you need for uninterrupted communication,

  • Activate multiple methods of communication
  • Run a round the clock communication model
  • Place a customer service executive onboard
  • Arrange regular meetings for service improvement

Use Advanced Technologies

Automate business processes using the latest technologies to run your remote business successfully. Remote employees heavily depend on their laptops and mobile devices. You can offer them flexibility in their work by leveraging advanced technologies.

Some examples of latest technologies for your business,

  • Workflow management tools
  • Work monitoring software
  • CRM tools
  • Data security software
  • Documentation automation

Monitor Performance Metrics

You always have to keep updated regarding the performance of your remote employees. They should already have their KPIs from the beginning of their job. The quality of task and completion time should justify time that their working hours.

The performance monitoring system will guide your employees to improve in the areas needed. They will be more dedicated to their jobs.

What to consider in performance matrices,

  • Track milestone related to final outcome
  • Task completion time
  • Virtual employee’s accountability
  • Self learning ability, discipline and integrity

Final Thoughts

It takes a lot of patience to deal with all the shortcomings of remote business relationships. It is not possible to plan everything upfront. You will learn something new with each following step. Pay close attention to the details.


If you look around, you will see a lot of businesses adapting remote or hybrid working models. Many of the businesses have largely succeeded by shifting to remote work. Contact us today to get the most from your remote business.

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