How to run a custom report for UKG using CloudApper?

Running custom reports for UKG can be difficult, especially for people unfamiliar with the software’s reporting features. Creating and executing bespoke reports for UKG, on the other hand, may be made much simpler and more efficient with the aid of CloudApper. In this post, we will show you how to use CloudApper to run a custom report for UKG.

Step 1: Link UKG and CloudApper

The first step in utilizing CloudApper to run a custom report for UKG is to link the two systems. CloudApper is intended to work in tandem with UKG, so you can quickly take data from UKG and utilize it to generate bespoke reports. To link UKG and CloudApper, you must have rights and credentials for both platforms.

Step 2: Establish Report Parameters

After connecting UKG and CloudApper, the next step is to set the parameters for your custom report. This includes deciding what data to include in the report as well as any filters or criteria to apply to the data. The criteria for your bespoke report will be determined by your unique business requirements and the data you need to evaluate.

Step 3: Create the Report

When you’ve defined the report parameters, you can construct the report using CloudApper’s drag-and-drop report designer. The report designer is a simple interface that lets you change the appearance and feel of the report as well as add charts, graphs, and other visual features. This phase is critical because it assists you in creating a report that is not only useful but also aesthetically beautiful and easy to grasp.

Step 4: Execute the Report

You may run the report and check the findings after it has been designed. CloudApper makes it simple to plan reports to run regularly at particular times, so you can get the data you need on a regular basis without having to run the report manually every time.

Why Use CloudApper for UKG Custom Reports?

There are a number of reasons why UKG clients should use CloudApper for their custom report requirements. To begin, CloudApper has a user-friendly interface that enables creating and designing custom reports simple, especially for individuals who are unfamiliar with reporting tools. Furthermore, CloudApper works perfectly with UKG, allowing you to build reports straight from UKG data.

The ability to automate report generation is another advantage of utilizing CloudApper for custom reports. This means you can plan reports to run at certain times, saving you time and effort while ensuring you always have the most up-to-date data at your disposal. Moreover, the security features of CloudApper ensure that your data is always secure and secured, which is especially crucial when working with sensitive employee data.


To summarize, running custom reports for UKG can be a difficult operation, but with CloudApper’s assistance, the process can be streamlined and made much more efficient. You can easily develop and run custom reports for UKG by following the methods explained in this article, and receive the insights you need to make educated business choices. Therefore, why not give CloudApper a shot and see how it may help you improve your reporting capabilities?

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