How to save money when shopping for baby items

Knowing you have a baby on the way is a great feeling. You are happy and cannot wait to welcome your bundle of joy to the world. But this feeling may not last long, especially if you are a first-time mom who knows nothing about what financial needs await their parenting journey. Hey, don’t overthink it!

I have compiled a list of shopping tips that will help you save more when shopping for baby essentials. Take a look.

Shop online

One hack that saves you money is shopping on legitimate online stores. These sites put more effort into providing high-quality items at affordable prices to beat physical stores that have established their market share. Take advantage of the low prices and save some pennies.

There are also online promotional websites that offer coupons, promo codes, and discount codes for customers looking for baby items. GreenPromoCode offers amazing deals on baby items such as diapers, baby formulas, baby carriers, clothes, and toys.

You can use their promotional codes to buy assorted baby items and save money. They have partnered with baby stores such as Atara & Co, The Motherly Shop, Formula Ready, BabyDulcet, and many more to cut down the prices on baby stuff. To get these deals, enter the promo code when paying for the items.

Embrace second-hand items

If you are a new mom, the new baby clothes, toys, and other items on baby stores, malls, billboards and commercials may entice you. Please don’t fall for those. They will only break your bank accounts. Instead, shop for second-hand items in thrift shops.

These second-hand items, especially for newborns, are as good as new ones because the baby quickly outgrows the clothes.

You can also talk to neighbors, family, and friends to give you their kids’ items for when they were little. Babies use some of these items for a short time, and it might be financially unwise to buy an expensive item that will serve the baby for a few months.

Compare the offers in various stores

One financial mistake that moms or moms-to-be make is buying all baby essentials from one store. Well, we understand it may come from a place of loyalty, but it will hurt your pockets. Walk around different baby shops comparing prices. You might find one store with good deals on diapers and another with coupons for baby blankets.

Also, do your due diligence on online stores and see if stores offer coupons and deals on baby essentials. Online stores have special offers on holidays, anniversaries, and black Fridays during which you can pay less for items, thus saving money. Check here for diaper raffle.

Sell some gifts to buy necessities

A baby brings joy to family and friends, and most of them buy you and the baby numerous gifts to celebrate the new arrival. Sell some of the luxuries or cash them in at the gift shop. Use the money from the gifts’ sale to buy essential products such as diapers, baby food, and clothes.

Go for cheaper alternatives

When shopping for baby items on a tight budget, steer clear of branded things as they are normally expensive. Instead, go for cheaper alternatives that don’t compromise on quality. The goal is to fulfill a need and not to show off with expensive brands.

Make the most of gifts

Before you leave the hospital, ask your pediatrician for free samples of baby formula, diapers, eczema cream, and many more available freebies. The items are usually available, but the staff only give to those who ask.

You can also take advantage of new-mom challenges and coupons from marketers and sales representatives. You may get deals on diapers, soaps, baby oils, and so much more.

Check with your insurance company or HR department for benefits

Before you can use your savings on baby shopping, check if your insurance company has plans covering some of these items. You may your insurance plan covers some items such as baby carriers and breast pumps.

Also, check with your employer to see if your company offers childcare benefits. These perks may save you some dollars.


A baby’s arrival comes with financial responsibilities that can overwhelm your savings. Taking advantage of discount codes and coupons from stores will save you some dollars when buying baby essentials. Going for second-hand items, cashing in gifts, and taking advantage of freebies also save you money.

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