How to Score More in the IPL Fantasy League?

IPL fantasy is once again here with the 2020 IPL edition, and a lot of cricket fans have already started investing their time in creating their team before the beginning of the match on 19th September which will be a Saturday. Officially, the IPL fantasy game was powered by the Dream 11 but its format is slightly changed only for this season. The 2020 IPL Fantasy has gone back to the format of everyday transfer of the 2018 fantasy game of the IPL and all the former seasons. Because of a lot of options to choose from, the players might find it difficult to score more in the league. So, here are a few tips that you must follow to score higher in the IPL fantasy league:

  1. Select your team wisely 

This is a very common mistake frequently made by the players of the Gamezy fantasy app. It might be true that you can store some credits for spending later and upgrade the game to a better option, you must do the same. But that should only be because it’s your thought to upgrade the game. A lot of times, the players of IPL Fantasy shift to overrated options only because the player finds that the upgrade is worth it.

  1. Make a transfer after each toss 

This is a very useful tip in the game of IPL Fantasy. You have to make the transfer always once the toss is finished and the announcement of line ups has been made. This supports you in looking at that side of the game which is advantageous based on the toss and once you do it before, you should try to get into the game by those players who are confirmed to play and are not taking anyone at random.

  1. Don’t overload the team with all players from one match 

This is one of the most important fantasy cricket tips for beginners in the IPL Fantasy. The beginners generally face a lot of difficulty in understanding the game’s nature and they mostly choose all the 11 players from the same match. If this is done, they will very soon end up losing all transfers and their potential to make any development to their team. The ideal number of players in an IPL Fantasy team is 3-6 so your team shouldn’t have any more players.

  1. Check records 

While setting up your own IPL Fantasy team, you shouldn’t forget to check the earlier records of the plasters you are, including in your team. You can check their records on the internet itself.

So, these are some very important tips that can help you in scoring more in the IPL fantasy league. You can consider all these tips for better performance than next time you are playing IPL Fantasy cricket on any app. Many other tips can help you with this game, but the ones that are mentioned here are truly very effective and you can see the results once you implement them.

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