How to Seamlessly Organize Business Reports Online

If you’ve ever found yourself battling with multiple PDF files and wondered how to seamlessly organize and merge them into one consolidated PDF report, look no further than Xodo. 

Developed with professionals and business users in mind, Xodo PDF Merger is an intuitive online tool that makes organizing, combining and merging PDFs and other documents a breeze. 

Whether you’re consolidating research documents, adding supplementary pages to a contract, or merging scanned pages into a single PDF file, with Xodo you can instantly perform the task anywhere, anytime.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process on how to merge and combine your important business PDF documents directly in your browser using Xodo. 

Reasons to Merge and Combine Business Documents

Before delving into the how-to, let’s quickly look at why merging PDFs is important for any business:

  • Consolidating related documents makes it easier to organize, search, and retrieve information.
  • File collaboration is simplified by giving you a single, comprehensive PDF that incorporates feedback and input from multiple contributors you’re working with.
  • It reduces the number of individual documents exchanged. One single merged PDF can be shared via email more easily than you can with multiple PDFs. 
  • Both archiving and record-keeping become more effective as related documents can be stored as a unified file that can easily be retrieved.  

Merging and Combining PDFs Online with Xodo

Now to the crux of the matter – how to merge PDF files using Xodo. The entire process is quick and intuitive. You don’t need to be a technical expert. Simply follow along with the steps below: 

Step 1: Open PDF Merger

Open Xodo PDF Merger in your favorite browser. Android and iOS apps are available also if you prefer working on your mobile device. 

Step 2: Upload Files

Click on “Select File” and choose the PDF files you want to combine into one document. The files will appear in the order they were selected. If you’d like to rearrange them, simply drag and drop the files into your preferred order. Make sure to arrange the files exactly how you want them to appear in the final document.

If you want to select and merge only specific pages, you will have to subscribe to Xodo Pro (7-day free trial available). 

Step 3: Organize & Merge 

To start the merging process, click on the blue “Merge” button on the right side. This may take a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size and quantity of the files.

Once the merging process is complete, a new PDF file will be created. This file will contain all the combined documents in the order you arranged earlier. 

Additional Xodo Benefits for Businesses 

Beyond simply merging PDFs, Xodo offers a number of tools designed to help you become more proficient at your work. 

You can edit and highlight text, add comments, or even draw directly onto your documents, which can be highly useful for note taking, reviewing, or collaborative work. Xodo’s responsive interface and intuitive navigation ensure you can add different elements to your documents instantly online and with ease.

Another great Xodo feature is the ability to fill out PDF forms and add electronic signatures to your documents, which can officially turn your device into a true mobile office. With cross-platform access to Xodo, you can go paperless and still complete administrative tasks from wherever you are. 

Additionally, Xodo prioritizes your security, ensuring that that your documents are kept safe and private. It doesn’t store or access your files any more than is necessary for the app to perform its task.

Streamline Your Business Operations Today

In conclusion, Xodo is a comprehensive and secure platform that doesn’t just simplify your PDF merging needs, but also enhances your overall productivity. 

Consolidate your documents, streamline daily operations, and save valuable time in the process. A world of enhanced business efficiency is waiting for you – start using Xodo today and witness the transformation in your document workflows.

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