How to Sell Canva Templates on Etsy

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Selling Canva templates on Etsy is a great way to make passive income or make money work for you! Why? Because you only need to design and create the templates once, and then you can sell them as many times as you want—no limits!

You probably know what a Canva template is since you’re looking for ways to sell them, but if you are new to the world of digital design, we’ll help you understand what a Canva template is and how to sell them. Keep reading!

What Is a Canva Template?

A Canva template is basically a design that a Canva user has created and allows you to edit it easily. The frame of the design already exists, and you can get creative by simply changing the fonts, colors, and elements. Most people get templates from Canva for things like labels, covers, ebooks, planner stickers, social media graphics, and more.

You can buy templates on Canva for specific needs; however, Canva also offers free templates. The free templates on Canva are great if you opt for creating simple designs. The pro version, on the other hand, works best for you if you want to use some world-class design templates with more features and functionalities.

The templates are downloadable—in an instant! So there isn’t really any action required from the designer once the purchase has been made. You never have to ship a thing. You can earn passive income in the comfort of your home!

How Do You Sell Canva Templates on Etsy?

Step 1: Do a Market Research and Product Validation

By now, you probably have done your market research. If not, then you should do so before opening up your first ever Etsy shop. Why? Because you want to ensure that the designs you are planning to sell are something marketable, something customers want to buy.

Come up with a list of designs you would want to sell. So, for instance, you want to sell Canva templates for social media marketing on your Etsy shop. Then your list of templates should include Instagram Stories and Post templates, Facebook Post templates, Pinterest Pin templates, and so on.

Have you come up with your list already? Then what you want to do next is open up Etsy and add into the search box your keywords and phrases—the specific marketing templates you came up with on your list.

Just before hitting the Enter button, you will see Etsy list out all other searched keywords and phrases from customers. What does this tell you? It’s a good indication that the items on your list are being frequently searched and purchased on Etsy! Again, it means the items on your list are marketable!

Step 2: Set Up Your Business Branding

Now it’s time to start attracting traffic to your Etsy shop by developing your brand.

Create a brand that your “ideal customer” will be attracted to—that’s one key thing you want to consider when developing your business brand.

For instance, when you sell wedding invitation templates, your Etsy shop will attract widely different customers to an Etsy shop that sells presentation templates to educators who teach online lessons for children because your Etsy shop selling wedding invitation templates may have a more delicate color palette and floral elements and is not really something appealing to children, as compared to presentation templates with bright and playful colors, big and bold elements.

Step 3: Create Your First Canva Templates

So now, the fun begins! It’s time to create your first Canva template to sell on Etsy. You must have access to a Canva Pro account in order to create templates that you can sell on Etsy.

Why Is It Important to Have a Canva Pro Account?

The reason for this is that without it, you won’t be able to share the download link that is sent to your Etsy customer once the purchase has been confirmed. The shareable download link ensures that your original work won’t ever have to be edited, modified, or changed by any other user because you are only selling a “copy” of your original design. There is a 30-day free trial for the Canva Pro account; you might want to try it first and see how it works for you.

Keep in mind that it is against Canva’s terms and policy of use to alter any original Canva design from other users and sell it as your own. Starting from a blank template and from scratch is the best way to avoid copyright infringement.

Step 4: Set up Your Etsy Shop

Once you have created your first ever Canva template (woohoo!), the PDF deliverable—this is the document where your sharable template link will be stored—and have around 10 listings ready, now is the time; to open up your Etsy shop!

Opening an Etsy shop is easy peasy. Just follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a seller account with an email address.
  • Follow the prompts where you fill in your personal details, including your bank account—so you can get paid.
  • Then add your first product to officially open up your shop.
  • From here on, you can add your branded logo and shop banner in order to update your Etsy shop branding.

With a professional-looking shop, you can now start working towards your first ever Etsy sale! We hope you found this article useful. Happy selling!

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