How to Sell Plants Online: 3 Ways to Successfully Grow Your Garden Business

If you enjoy working with plants and love the idea of a business that’s always green, selling plants online could be the perfect venture for you. Growing plants and selling them to local customers can be a challenge, but with the right strategies, your plant business can thrive. Let’s say you have been growing plants in your backyard as an hobby or as a side business, now you want to take it to another level by selling plants online. There are several things you should keep in mind before starting your own garden business. Small businesses fail because they don’t plan properly or they underestimate their resources and time commitments. Even though it may seem challenging at first sight, growing plants and starting an online plant shop is within reach of anyone who is willing to work hard and invest time and resources wisely. Here are some tips on how to grow plants and successfully sell them online:

Know your audience

When you sell plants, you’re not just selling a product, you’re selling a lifestyle. You’re selling a promise to customers: if they buy this plant, they will be happy. So before even thinking about how to grow plants and start a garden business, you need to know who your target customers are. What is the average person’s lifestyle? What kind of home do they live in? What is their job? What do they do for fun? What is their budget for plants? What are their gardening skills and knowledge like? You can do some research and use surveys to find out more about your target customers. Once you know who your ideal customers are, you can create marketing materials targeted towards them. You can also decide which plants to grow based on their needs.

Research and make a plan

There are many different types of plants to grow and sell – but only a few are good for starting a garden business. You need to choose plants that have a high demand and low competition. Plants that are easy to grow and maintain. Plants that can be sold at a decent price point. A good way to do this is to create a SWOT analysis. In this analysis, you’ll list your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Based on this information, you’ll be able to create a plan on how to grow plants and successfully grow a garden business. Here’s what each section means:

  • Strengths – What are your strengths? What can you bring to the table? This could be your gardening skills, your knowledge on plants, your location, your access to materials, the time you have to dedicate to the business, etc.
  • Weaknesses – What are your weaknesses? What can you improve on? This could be your knowledge of marketing, your budget, your time, etc. –
  • Opportunities – What are your opportunities? What can you take advantage of? This could be a need in the marketplace, a particular season, a type of plant, etc.
  • Threats – What are your threats? What can you avoid? This could be a competitor, a bad season, a type of plant, etc.

Find the right tools for your business

Aside from growing plants and picking the right ones to sell, you also need to have the right tools for your business. You need to have the right pots, tools, and supplies. There are many different tools that you can use in your garden business. You can use wooden or plastic pots, grow lights, soil, fertilizer, pots and trays, pots and trays covers, water bottles, etc. You can buy the pots, soil, fertilizer, and tools for your plants. However, if you want more high quality and customized pots and trays, you may want to have them custom-made. After buying the supplies, you also need to know how to maintain them properly so they last longer.

Beyond finding the right inventory, it’s important to know how to reach your customers. You’ll want to explore marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, and Neverland when you’re considering finding an audience of plant parents. Etsy and Amazon have general audiences that are broad and interested in many products, while marketplaces like Neverland are only focused on plants and gardening niche. Take into account fees and costs to get started on each of these platforms and pick the one that fits best into your business model.

Grow the right plants for selling

There are many plants that you can grown and sell. You may want to grow plants indoors or outdoors. You may want to grow tropical plants or plants that are common in your area. You may want to grow flowering plants or plants with fruits, etc. You can learn more about different plants and what they require, and then decide which ones to grow based on customer demand, your budget, and your gardening skills. You can do research and see which plants are common in your area and which ones you can grow. You can also do research on different plants that are common in people’s homes. You may also want to research which plants are best for starting a garden business. You can find this information on the internet or through gardening magazines.


Selling plants online can be an excellent way to start a business from home. However, it does require quite a bit of work, so you will have to be committed to growing the plants, harvesting them at the right time, and finding the right place to sell them. The key to success is knowing your customer and what they want, finding the right plants to grow, and having the right tools.

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