How to Sell Your Home: 3 Tips to Get Prepared

As much as you may love your home and want to stay in it forever, you’ve likely reached a stage in life where it’s finally time for a change. Selling your home can feel overwhelming: it’s an emotional experience to let go of a home that you love, and on top of that, you’ve got to deal with all the logistics that come with getting your house listed and sold. However, there are certain things that you can do to make the process of selling your home easier. From deciding to list on MLS to staging and marketing your home so you can find the perfect buyer, we’ve got a list of tips to help you prepare to sell your home fast and efficiently. 

List Your Home on MLS

In order to get your home sold, you’ll need to have it listed on MLS. MLS is an acronym for Multiple Listing Service, and is an online database where realtors and brokers post homes they have for sale, as well as look for new homes for their existing clients. MLS is actually made up of about 600 small databases based on location. Typically, in order to list on MLS, you need to hire an accredited real estate professional registered to the MLS dedicated to the area that your home is located in. While real estate professionals are incredibly helpful, they also require a hefty commission fee (typically around 6 percent of the home’s selling price) that you’ll have to pay them once the house sells. 

However, there is a way to list on MLS as an individual: by utilizing the assistance of an MLS listing company. An MLS listing company provides homeowners with the option to list on MLS for a flat rate fee, so they can get their home seen by other realtors and brokers utilizing the database. In order to list on MLS with an MLS listing company, you’ll need to choose a package that suits your home selling needs. Listing on MLS via an MLS listing company is great for homeowners who are looking for more freedom over how they want to sell their home: when listing with an MLS listing company, you’ll get to determine the cost of the home, how it should be staged, and choose what counteroffers from potential buyers your deem worthy to accept. That said, you’re never totally on your own when using an MLS listing service: you can pay a higher flat rate fee for a package that includes additional assistance with things like staging, marketing, and closing paperwork. Most often, this flat rate fee is collected by the listing company either before the home is listed or after the home sells. 

Get Rid of Clutter

Once you’ve decided how you want to list your home, whether it be with an MLS listing company or a real estate professional, you’ll want to start getting your home ready for showings. Before you let potential buyers in to see the home, it’s important to do a deep cleaning and get things in tip top shape. In addition to cleaning off countertops and dusting your baseboards, you’re going to want to get rid of any additional clutter in the home. Clutter in a home you’re trying to sell can make the space seem smaller, and make potential buyers feel less comfortable. As such, you’ll want to take the time to get rid of old boxes of things that you don’t use, worn down furniture pieces that are an eyesore, and open up the space as much as you can before you host your first open house. By ensuring that your home is clean and clutter free before potential buyers see it, you’re more likely to have people interested right away. 

Market Your Home

In order to get as many potential buyers as you can, you’re going to want to market your home. If you’re listing your home with an MLS listing service, you can pay an additional fee to the listing company to help with marketing. Typically, this requires staging the home, having a professional photographer take pictures of the space, and using those photos in promotional flyers or brochures. While you could do this on your own as an individual seller, who wouldn’t want the help of a listing company to get all that done for a small fee? 

In Conclusion

When selling your house, you want to make sure that you’ve got a plan in place in order to get it on the market and sold as soon as you can. If you’re looking to avoid costly realtor’s fees, you can list your home on MLS with an MLS listing company for a flat fee so others can see it. On top of getting your home listed, you’ll want to clean and stage your home, and take photos for marketing materials to get it noticed. By taking the steps to prepare your home for sale, you’re sure to find a new owner in no time. 

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