How to sell your home like a pro for more money?

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If you are in the market to sell your existing house then chances are very high that you must have gone through several websites related to a guide to selling your house and by now you must have chosen whether to engage a real estate agent or a house buying company. Both of them have their perks and cons. While the real estate agent gets commission for marketing your house, there is no need to give the same to a house-buying company. When the primary choice between the two is made, there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell your house at a selling price set by you. So, how does one can ensure that they get the highest bidder or get more money for your house? Are there any best-kept secrets that can give you leverage over other houses? Well, there are a few listed below.

Selling Secret #1: Price it right but not low to incur losses

Find out what your home is worth by analyzing the market trends and talking to your neighbors. If after analyzing, you conclude the real estate prices are going to drop in coming years in your area then shave off 15-20% off from the price. Do not think about the loss you are incurring right now but shift your perspective to a situation where you have prevented yourself from further losses. Even in the worst market scenario, this trick will make sure you are stampeded by buyers with multiple bids.

Selling Secret #2: Tuck away your photos from the corridors

When future buyers or a home buying company are walking through a home, they want to envision how they would be living there. Family photographs in the living room will give them a warm feeling but if you have photos in the lobby, corridors, and kitchen, it is better if you can take them off as it would be hard for them to envision the same if they are surrounded by the framed faces of your family members.

Selling Secret #3: Neatly keep your clothes and other items in the closets

When prospective buyers will be touring your house, they will be opening closets to look at the storage spaces. It can be a big turn-off for them to see visually cluttered space. Too many things to be stuffed in the cupboard? Box up your clutter and either sell it in a yard sale or leave it in your basement.

Selling Secret #3: Remember, here the first impression is the last

Buyers or a house buying company have already judged your home before they walk through the main door of your house. When you are showing your house, you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Brighten up the space with inexpensive brightly colored flowers and shrubs. Put some cookies in the entryways that will make them feel further welcome.

Selling a house for cash can save you thousands in closing costs, appraisal fees, credit checks, and associated fees. But, when you are selling your house for cash to a house-buying company make sure you keep the aforementioned tips in mind that will ensure you can get more money out of your house. When the formalities related to selling your house are done, take time out to draft a rough checklist before buying a new home. Most homebuyers commit the mistake of not taking time out to draft a checklist of things to keep in mind while buying a new house such as understanding hidden costs, keeping money aside for insurance, and ensuring to not pay less than 20 percent down payment. Make sure you read a bit about the mistakes that most of the home buyers commit and refrain from making them

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