How To Sell Your Motorhome Quickly and Easily

Whether selling your motorhome for some much-needed cash or trying to get a few pennies for one that’s outlived its usefulness, there are ways to sell them fast. Each motorhome owner’s situation and selling timeline may be different, but there are some common strategies to entice quick sales.

In this article, we’ll highlight some popular methods to get your rig sold as quickly and easily as possible. Some suggestions are for what to do before you try and sell it, and others focus on the how and where of selling.

Ways To Sell Your Motorhome Fast

There are different strategies for selling your motorhome or RV. If you don’t have the luxury of time and need to unload it fast, there are a few ways to do so. A quick sale most likely won’t bring in top dollar, but when much-needed cash is your priority, time is of the essence.

Fix, Repair, and Clean

Folks looking to purchase a used motorhome are most likely looking to save a little bit of money since buying one brand spanking new costs an arm and a leg. Buyers will definitely be looking to get the biggest bang for their buck and won’t waste time even looking at a rig that looks unkept. No matter your RVs age or mileage, there are a few things you can do to get it looking its best.

Clean and Detail

Clean vehicles will sell much faster than those that are dirty. This also holds true for motorhomes and RVs. Before you even attempt to sell yours, give it a good head-to-toe cleaning. Wash and scrub the exterior so the buyer’s first impression is that it’s been taken care of. Nobody wants to buy a motorhome that appears neglected. If it appears that you never took the time to take care of its outside, buyers will feel you probably didn’t maintain it at all.

Ensure its interior is spotless, neat, and tidy. If you have curtains on the windows, toss them in the washer so that they’ll look their best. For blinds, give them a good dusting. Place fresh, clean linens on the bed or purchase a new mattress topper. Ensure everything is in its proper place so the interior has 

Fix cosmetic damage

It may be worth spending a little bit of money to fix any type of cosmetic damage your rig has. Again, first impressions and appearance are key to making a quick and easy sale. If your RV interior walls look old and dingy, an inexpensive fix is to apply a fresh coat of paint or cover them with an inexpensive wallpaper.

Motorhome floors can take a beating and worn-out flooring is definitely not a great selling feature. If yours is carpeted, rent a deep-cleaning vacuum to get out the dirt and dust that’s trapped deep in its fibers. If it’s in your budget, consider replacing worn carpets with laminate flooring.

Sell It to a Specialized Dealer

Older motorhomes can be incredibly difficult to sell, especially those with high mileage. Most used motorhome buyers are looking for something that’s only a couple of years old, so rigs with both mileage and years of use can be impossible to sell. Some campgrounds adhere to the 10-Year Rule, so if yours is a decade old, that adds to its unsellability.

Fortunately, you can sell your old, weathered, or broken-down rig to a specialized dealer that doesn’t care what it looks like, how many miles it has, or if it’s running or not. Sell your RV with HeyRV and you’ll get a fair price for your almost unsellable motorhome. They offer free pickup of yours and will handle all of the paperwork. They’ll give you a fast quote and haul away your rig while leaving you with saved time and more money than expected.

Sell Your Motorhome Fast Explained

Motorhome owners looking to sell theirs fast can do a few things to spruce them up. Clean and well-maintained used rigs will sell much faster to both RV dealerships and private buyers alike. Before taking photos or offering it up for sale to a dealership, ensure that it’s looking its best by taking the time to fix the little things and give every inch a deep cleaning.

Bottom Line

Owners of older, high mileage, and less-desirable rigs will most likely have an incredibly difficult time finding a buyer. Fortunately, specialized dealers like HeyRV are happy to purchase them regardless of their condition, age, or mileage.

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