How to Sell Your Professional Services on a GSA PSS Contract

GSA 00CORP is the Professional Services category in the Multiple Award Schedule. If your company offers some professional services, such as engineering, language translation, auditing or financial services, you can get onto GSA Schedule, and sell your services through a GSA PSS contract.

What is a GSA PSS contract

The purpose of the GSA Professional Services category is to offer federal, state and municipal agencies straightforward, streamlined access to various services. The new MAS Schedule category replaces a number of legacy schedules, including the following:

  • GSA 00CORP Consolidated Schedule
  • 871 Professional Engineering Services (PES)
  • 874 Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)
  • 520 Financial and Business Solutions
  • 541 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions
  • 738 II Language Services
  • 874 V Logistics Worldwide (LogWorld)
  • 899 Environmental Services

Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts under this category are IDIQ, that is: Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity. This means that once you acquire such a GSA PSS Schedule contract, you can continue providing services to the government without purchase orders or much documentation.

Benefits of GSA PSS Schedule (00CORP)

Currently, the number of GSA PSS Schedule contractors exceeds 4500, with average sales per contractor per year reaching $2.6 million. That’s quite a prize! So one of the benefits of getting onto a GSA 00CORP Schedule is significant growth of your profits.

The other advantage is access to a large pool of federal, state, municipal and local agencies to sell to. This means that the size of your business does not really matter; even small businesses has services to offer to local governments and thus have all the chances and motives to successfully pursue a GSA PSS contract.

How to get onto GSA PSS Schedule?

Getting a GSA Professional Services contract is easier done with seasoned GSA experts at your side. Price Reporter offers all kinds of GSA assistance for small and medium sized businesses, from initial proposal compilation to communication with government procurement officers and litigation of claims if any arise. Our specialists are trained to deal with complexities of FAR and know all the specific nuances of selling to the government. During 14 years on the market, we helped dozens of businesses win a GSA contract award, including the Professional Services category.

If you are interested in getting on GSA PSS Schedule, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to give you a hand.

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