How to set up an Orbi RBK13 system?


The Orbi RBK13 is a dual-band WiFi 5 system that uses a mesh network. An Orbi WiFi router and two satellites are included to provide lightning-fast network connectivity. The primary setting for employing this WiFi system is the household. The RBK13 Orbi is a mesh WIFI system that, in most cases, increases the overall WiFi speed. 

However, its network coverage is greater, and its strong WIFi signals can reach up to 4,200 square feet. With the mesh technology built into this WIFi system, you can access the internet from anywhere in the house under the mesh of a single network name.  

A dead spot in internet connectivity no longer exists thanks to the Orbi RBK13 mesh WiFi system. The gigabit port enables a quick wired connection to your computer, game console, TV, or another high-speed smart device

Steps to set up the Orbi RBK13 mesh system

The Orbi mesh WiFi system provides two-band coverage for the entire house. With a stronger connection provided by this AC1200 mesh WiFi, you can do things like stream 4K videos, play gaming consoles, listen to music, and download large files. To take advantage of this system, you’ll need to set it up first. 

The Orbi RBK13 setup involves two important parts, hardware setup, and Orbi setup. While the Orbi setup can be done using the web interface or the app. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Hardware setup

Follow these steps to initiate the hardware setup of the Orbi RBK13 system:

  1. Remove the mesh WiFi from its packaging and double-check that you have an ethernet cable, power cord, and user manual.
  2. Then, disconnect the modem’s DSL, cable, or battery backup (if applicable) and then reconnect everything.
  3. Use the ethernet wire to link the modem to the Orbi RBK13 router. Insert one end of the cable into the ethernet port on the modem and the other end in the yellow ethernet port on the Orbi router.
  4. Once done, it’s time to activate the mesh WiFi router, by connecting it to the power source, using the adapter.
  5. Ensure that the router and satellite are together in the same room for initial setup, and power on the satellites too.

Setup via the web interface

Once the hardware part is done, time to move on with the Orbi setup via the web interface, so follow on:

  1. First, connect your device to the Orbi network using either a wireless or wired network. Ensure that the device is on the Orbi network.
  2. Open any of the web browsers on your device.
  3. In the URL address bar of the browser, enter, and hit the enter key.
  4. A page would appear asking you to accept the Orbi license and terms agreement, so accept it.
  5. Now the Orbi setup wizard will detect the router and satellite, after that it’ll start establishing the connection to the internet.
  6. The setup wizard will ask you to set up an admin account and configure the wireless settings. So, do so as per your requirements, once done click finish to complete the setup process.

So, once the Orbi RBK13 setup is completed, you can connect other devices to its network and enjoy streaming. If you want to try another method, which requires a smartphone, then follow the next section.

Setup via the app

For a quick setup method for the Orbi RBK13 system using the Orbi app, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your smartphone’s operating system is up to date.
  2. Download and install the Orbi app via visiting your smartphone’s dedicated store or
  3. Once downloaded, open the app and grant permission to access your smartphone’s hardware.
  4. You’re going to use this Orbi for the first time, so you must create a Netgear account. For old users, use your existing Netgear account details to sign in.
  5. On the next screen, tap on GET STARTED to initiate the Orbi setup process.
  6. The app will detect the Orbi router and start establishing the internet connection, through the modem.
  7. After a successful connection to the internet, the app will sync your available satellite to the router to create a mesh network.
  8. After the sync, the app will ask you to create an Orbi admin account for the Orbi management login. Also, configure the WiFi network, if you prefer.
  9. Once the whole setup is done, try to connect your devices to the Orbi WiFi network and see its performance.

This is it! Your Orbi RBk13 mesh system is ready to be used as your primary network. You should be able to connect all your devices to its network and enjoy its incredible speed and WiFi performance.


Setting up an Orbi mesh system isn’t rocket science, anyone can do it if the right steps are followed. This guide is meant to help fresh and advanced users with their Orbi system setup. Assuming that the guide has done its job, we congratulate you on sticking to it.

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