How to Shop for and Find the Best Ebikes

As electric bikes continue growing in popularity, more electric bikes for sale to consumers than ever before. But with so many ebikes on the market, how do you determine which are the best for your needs and where to find them? This comprehensive guide covers how to shop for an ebike, factors that make up the best ebikes.

Benefits of Buying an Ebike

Why purchase an ebike versus a regular bicycle? Here are the key advantages:

  • Requires less exertion – The electric assist reduces the effort required to ride. You don’t arrive exhausted.
  • Increased range – Travel farther between charges. Many ebikes have 30-60 mile ranges.
  • Faster speeds – Cruise easily at 20+ mph thanks to electric boost.
  • Cargo hauling – Carry heavy shopping bags or kids easily.
  • Accessibility – Opens cycling to those normally challenged by fitness, age, or disability.
  • More enjoyable – Adds an element of fun and ease to riding.

Ebikes make cycling more practical and pleasurable for transportation, commuting, and recreation.

Different Types of Ebikes

There are several ebike classifications and configurations:

Class 1 – Motor only activates while pedaling up to 20 mph.

Class 2 – Throttle-enabled for motor power without pedaling up to 20 mph.

Class 3 – Motor only engages when pedaling but assists up to 28 mph. Requires a license.


  • Low – 250W suitable for flat urban areas.
  • Mid – 500-750W provides help on hills.
  • High – 1000W+ delivers maximum torque.

Drive System

  • Hub drive – Motor in the wheel hub.
  • Mid-drive – Motor mounted centrally at the pedals/cranks.

Battery Size

  • Small – 300Wh, range of 10-30 miles.
  • Large – 600Wh+, range of 60-100+ miles.

Many options to match your riding needs!

What Makes a High Quality Ebike?

Characteristics that determine good, reliable ebikes:

  • High capacity battery for maximum range between charges.
  • Powerful motor with adequate torque to meet your requirements.
  • Durable yet lightweight frame material like aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber.
  • Quality brakes with good stopping power in all conditions. Hydraulic disc brakes are best.
  • Smooth, natural feeling motor assist engagement when pedaling.
  • Integrated lights and other useful convenience features.
  • Responsive, easy-to-use control pad and clear display.
  • Durable, puncture resistant tires suited to terrain.
  • Adjustable saddle and ergonomic handlebars for comfort.
  • Reputable brand with good warranties and customer service.

Seeking out these indicators of quality helps ensure you select a top-performing ebike.

Where to Shop for Ebikes

You can find ebikes for sale at:


  • Websites of ebike manufacturers and specialty retailers
  • Amazon and general sporting goods sites
  • Offer wider selections and model availability
  • Competitive pricing with discounts and sales
  • Customer reviews are helpful

Local Bike Shops

  • Allow test riding ebikes before buying
  • Maintenance services and assembly often included
  • Established reputations and customer service
  • Expertise guiding you to the right ebike model
  • Can be pricier than online

Combining online shopping and in-person test rides is ideal.

Most Exciting New Ebike Models for 2023

The most highly anticipated best ebikes 2023:

  • HAPPYRUN TANK G50 ELECTRIC MOTORBIKE WITH FULL SUSPENSION – Fun new trail ebike with front suspension, integrated display and battery. 
  • G60 ELECTRIC MOTOR BIKE FAT TIRE WITH POWERFUL MOTOR – Fat tire e-bike with a powerful 1500W motor, reaching 31mph. 48V 18AH battery offers 68+ miles range on a single 5-6hr charge.

Used and Refurbished Ebikes

For more affordable options, you can purchase:

  • Used ebikes – Often lightly-ridden trade-ins at bike shops. Test ride and inspect closely.
  • Refurbished ebikes – Pre-owned models inspected and repaired by the manufacturer or retailers. Typically come with limited warranties.
  • Demo ebikes – Rented out briefly then sold by shops. May have cosmetic wear but mechanically sound.
  • Previously rented ebikes – From rental fleets. Higher miles but maintenance likely kept up.

Considerable savings possible but note reduced battery capacities and higher potential repair costs.

Test Riding Tips

Test riding in-person helps ensure an ebike suits your needs:

  • Assess power delivery and smoothness of the motor
  • Check speed modes and throttles if equipped
  • Try riding out of the saddle to test pedal assist
  • Notice motor noise and vibration levels
  • Test braking and gear shifting performance
  • Evaluate frame comfort and geometry
  • Bring accessories you may use like bags to test fit
  • Ride up varied terrain and gradients

Test rides determine if an ebike has the right feel and handling for you.

Key Takeaways on Finding the Best Ebikes

  • Assess your budget and riding needs when selecting an ebike model. Consider power, range and features.
  • Shop online and in-person to compare many options and test ride ebikes.
  • Seek out quality frames, motors, batteries, brakes and integrated features whenbuying.
  • Exciting new ebike models and technologies arrive each year from top brands.
  • Test ride ebikes to find the right motor power, comfort and handling for you.
  • The future looks bright for ebikes with innovations coming and ownership costs falling.

We hope this guide helps you discover and shop for your perfect new ebike! Enjoy the ride.