How To Stand Out at Your Wedding With Tall and Short Wedding Centerpieces

At your wedding, it’s common to have tall and short centerpieces to represent the height difference between you and your partner (and often, their families). But if your wedding will be unique in that regard—either because you and your spouse are both tall or because one of you is significantly shorter than the other—you may want to reconsider this tradition altogether. Otherwise, here are some tips for how to stand out at your wedding with tall and short centerpieces.

 Types of Tall Wedding Centerpieces 

Take a look at famous types of tall wedding centerpieces that will help you set up a great space at your upcoming nuptials.

  • Tall floral centerpieces

You will want to create an arrangement approximately the same height as the table you are using. You can do this by placing the flowers in a vase larger than your table or using a couple of vases that are the same size to create a tiered centerpiece. You can use a wide variety of flowers for a tall floral centerpiece. 

  • Tall Candle Centerpieces

One of the most versatile tall wedding centerpiece options is a candle centerpiece. Candles are a classic wedding decoration item and work very well in a tall centerpiece setting. For a traditional tall candle centerpiece, you will want to decide on the colors of your candles and flowers. 

 If you use a monochromatic color scheme, the colors of your flowers and candles should match. In contrast, the flowers and candles should be complementary colors if you use a traditional color scheme. There are many different kinds of flowers that you can use in a tall candle centerpiece.

  • Tall floral and object centerpieces

This is another elegant centerpiece for wedding decorations. To set a tall floral and object centerpiece, you will want to create an arrangement that is the same height as your table. Again, this can be done by using a vase larger than your table or by combining a couple of vases that are the same size. You can also use a candelabra or a bowl to create an impressive centerpiece. 

  • Bowl-Based Centerpieces

 For a bowl-based centerpiece, you will want to collect items the same size as a bowl, such as rocks, gems, or small pottery pieces. Alternatively, you can use flowers or other plants to create a bowl-based centerpiece. You can use a single type of item for a bowl-based centerpiece, or you can use a combination of different items.

Small Wedding Centerpieces Types 

Following are some elegant small wedding centerpieces.

  • Sea Shells

Another idea for a small and inexpensive centerpiece is to use sea shells! Use white sand in a large glass jar with clear glass marbles around the top edge. Or fill jars with water you’ve dyed with food coloring and arrange your sea shells throughout them. 

  • Flower Vase With Leaves And Flowers

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful flower vase centerpiece for a small wedding. This type of centerpiece is simple, elegant, and can be easily customized to match your wedding’s theme and colors. Plus, it’s easy to find vases in various sizes to fit any table. 

  • Mason Jar With Flowers 

Mason jars are popular for small weddings because they’re inexpensive and versatile. They exist in different shapes and sizes, so you can use them as centerpieces or scatter them throughout the tablescape as accents. They also make great favors that guests will enjoy using long after the wedding day has passed.

  • Candles In A Glass Jar

Candles in a glass jar make for a small and intimate wedding and stunning centerpieces. You can add some greenery or flowers around the base of the jar or keep it simple with just the candles. Plus, they double as wedding favors your guests can take home. 

The Best Ways to  Design Your Wedding Table With Tall and Short Centerpieces

Here are six ways to make your wedding table pop with tall and short centerpieces!

1) Offset the floral arrangement

Using tall and short centerpieces is a great way to add dimension to your wedding table. This will give the eye something to feast on from every angle. To make this work, you’ll want to offset the taller arrangements with the shorter ones. That way, everyone at the table will have an unobstructed view. And if you’re worried about it getting too crowded, don’t worry! 

2) Include candles and tea lights

Candles and tea lights are a must for any wedding table. They create a romantic ambiance and can help set the mood for your guests. Plus, they can also help to accentuate your centerpieces. If you choose tall centerpieces on either side of the table, shorter ones in the middle work well. If you have shorter centerpieces in the middle of your table, taller ones on either side also work well with them.

3) Add texture through objects on the table

Incorporating different textures on your wedding table can create an exciting and unique aesthetic. Think about using various objects like vases, candles, flowers, and other decorations. Playing with different heights will also add dimensionality to the overall look. If you have tall centerpieces that go from the ground up, it would be great to pair them with shorter centerpieces as well. The height difference makes for a dynamic and visually pleasing look for guests seated at either end of the table.

4) Vary height for visual interest

Regarding centerpieces, don’t be afraid to mix things up! Varying the heights of your centerpieces is a great way to add visual interest to your wedding tables. Plus, it’ll give your guests something to chat about as they admire all the different designs. Take an example from Martha Stewart Weddings for inspiration: The first table showcases tall, towering arrangements in the middle with shorter ones on either side. In comparison, the second table has short centerpieces in the middle with taller ones on either side.


While planning your wedding, you may be looking to make an impact with your décor. A beautiful table design can completely transform the atmosphere of your wedding reception and set the tone for the rest of the evening. Mixing and matching different centerpiece types (tall, short, etc.) allows you to create an eye-catching centerpiece that adds plenty of style to your tablescape.

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