How to Start a Cleaning Services Company in Malaysia

Everyone wants to establish his own business; it’s a dream that everyone would love to make real. But you need to know everything about the business before you start. You need to understand the requirements of the business and your capability. You need to make a plan and execute it step by step. If your interest is starting a cleaning services company, then you are in the right place. 

Today, we are going to share some of the important steps that you need to keep in mind while starting a cleaning service in Malaysia. A great example of a successful cleaning service company is DFY Cleaner from Malaysia.

This will give you an idea and inspiration on how to get started.

This could help you evaluate your business plan. 

Let’s start the discussion.

Name and Logo of The Cleaning Service Company

The first thing that every company needs is a name and logo. You should brainstorm a few names related to your business. The name should sound like the cleaning business, and it should create a picture in the mind of the reader. 

The next important thing is the logo. You need an appropriate logo for your business that will reflect your services. You can hire a freelancer for logo designing; it would be the easiest way to get a logo for your business. 

Keep in mind that your logo and business name should be unique. It’s difficult to change the name or logo later, so select the best name and logo before starting the business.

Select The Types Of Cleaning Services

You can offer many types of cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, house cleaning, office cleaning, part-time maid service, etc. But you cannot provide all services in the beginning, so you need to select your area. 

You can choose the services that you can provide with excellence. If you are an expert in the deep cleaning of a carpet, then you should target it. It’s not easy to cover everything at the same time, so it’s better to select a few services at the start. You can increase the number of services later.

Licensing and Insurance For Cleaning Services

Licensing is a critical issue. In Malaysia, you need to have a business license to start a business. So, make sure to go through the legal procedures to avoid any problem in the future.

The next important thing is insurance. 

Many people only prefer those cleaning companies that have insurance. Thus, insurance can increase your customers. You need to get insurance to cover the loss if any accident occurs in the future. This is beneficial for you and as well as your customer.

Complete the Job Yourself and Hire Minimum Cleaners

If your business is in the starting stage, then you might not have enough money to hire staff. You can start cleaning on your own and hiring only the required staff. This could be an excellent idea to save money at the start. Moreover, this will also help you to understand the market, customers’ demands, and requirements in a better way.

Cleaning Tools and Equipment Budget

You need cleaning tools and equipment to provide services. The need of the tools depends on the services you provide. 

If you are a carpet cleaner, then you need a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, and cleaning agents. You need sponges, towels, and other things for cleaning. Thus, you need to make a budget for tools and equipment.

Build a Website For The Cleaning Company

Nowadays, people usually search on the internet to find any service. The same is the case with cleaning services. It’s better to make a website. 

This will increase your presence, and people will be able to contact you directly. Make sure to have a business email that sounds the same as your business name. You can also add WhatsApp or mobile numbers for the convenience of your customers. For making a new website, you can hire any web developer or freelancer.

Marketing and Promotions For Cleaning Service

Marketing is the most crucial thing to flourish your business. No matter whether you are an expert or you provide excellent service, if people don’t know about your company, then you won’t get any customers. You need to penetrate the market. 

You can start promotion in your friends and family and ask them to tell others. This is the best way to gain new customers. In the beginning, you can offer free services to gain clients.

After penetrating the market, you can use paid promotions. Moreover, never forget to ensure your presence on social media.

Transportation For The Cleaners

Cleaning services require transport. You can use your personal transport at the start, but after some time, you can buy a separate vehicle for the cleaning service. Moreover, an accounting system is also required to evaluate the performance of the business.

Before starting a cleaning services company in Malaysia, you need to make a plan. You need to understand the market and what services people need. After evaluating your budget and market, you can start working on your plan. We have shared some essential steps that you might find helpful. These are the vital steps for a cleaning business in Malaysia.

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