How to start a Full Service Doggy Daycare Facility

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Did you know that the global pet care market size in 2020 was around $207 billion? The industry in the USA alone was estimated to reach $99 billion in the said year.

One of the most important parts of the pet care industry in the US is dog boarding and daycare houses. Also known as dog sitting facilities, they work similarly as a daycare for children but for canines.

These days, dog daycares are not just ordinary facilities but full-service pet facilities where pet owners cannot only leave their pets (dogs and cats) for a certain time but do also provide some extra services. These services include dog and cat boarding, dog playcare, pet grooming spa, dog training, and dog wash, etc. According to The Dogs Journal, the people in the US spent $6 billion on dog boarding and grooming services.

The pet care industry is rising day by day and the dog boarding business could be a highly profitable business if started with the proper plan. Karla Schwarz, who is a professional dog groomer for about 40 years, got so much success in the dog daycare business that she started breeding Doodles, and is now a reputable Doodle breeder in New Hampshire. According to Karla, they perfected the idea of boarding and grooming dogs and cats in a way, it became fun for them. So, running this business in a fun way and professionally at the same time could guarantee success.

So, let’s dive in to know more about it.

How to start a doggy daycare?

Before starting any business, it is important to check the business potential in your target area and then make a proper business plan. You can do a quick survey on the presence of dogs and cats in your locality. If there are enough domestic pets in your area and you feel their owners would be needing a daycare facility, as well as, other related services, you may proceed with the plan.

Legal paperwork and business registration

Another major step is to register your business with the concerned authorities or you may end up being penalized. A good business consultant would be able to help you register your business and do all the legal paperwork. Don’t do it yourself as it is no joke. Every state and city has different rules and regulations for setting up a certain business, and someone familiar with these things could help you.

Necessary Premium-quality Supplies

After you have found and finalized the suitable location to start your business and get a license to run your business, it is time to invest in premium-quality pet supplies. People usually treat their pets like their kids and they want the best for their pets. So, you need to get the best available pet food, toys, beds, cleaning products such as tick, flea, and fly control products, grooming tools, and a couple of first aid kits.

The list of supplies contains a lot more items but you should consider getting poop bags, leashes, muzzles, distraction devices, and installation of a full-fledged CCTV surveillance system.

If you want to add some more value to your business, build a mini swimming pool to get extended pet traffic during the summer months.

Team of Experts

If you are planning for a full-service daycare facility, you will need to hire experienced professionals that are good with animals. A certificate of their expertise would be highly recommended as you would not want to meet an unwanted situation while leaving other people’s pets in hands of an inexperienced team member.

To run your business on a professional approach, it is recommended to get kennel management software, financial software, a digital camera, and other IT-oriented tools. To operate these tools and software, you’d be needing a couple more members but if you are technically sound, you may easily learn them.

If we count the number of experts, initially you’d be needing a professional groomer, a person to take care of dogs, a professional dog trainer, an IT professional to take care of technology-based matters, a receptionist, and an accountant. If you are already an expert in one of the mentioned fields, you can take the charge of these departments to cut the initial costs. With time, you can hire more professionals and expand the team when the clientage grows.

How to reach your potential customers?

Luckily, we have got various traditional and modern ways to reach out to potential customers.

Traditional ways of advertising:

  • Visit local dog parks and set up signs. If you add a QR code with your information on these signboards, it will be easier for potential customers to contact you instantly.
  • Visit pet supply stores, pet bakeries, and attend pet shows to spread the word about your business.
  • Advertise in local newspapers.

Modern ways of advertising:

  • Get a website developed and showcase all your services.
  • Get listed on Google My Business.
  • Run paid Google Ad campaigns within your target area.
  • Run paid Facebook Ad campaigns in your target area.

You can hire a full-time digital marketer who cannot only take care of your social media campaigns but also be able to optimize your website for higher rankings on Google. If luckily, you get to the #1 position on Google search results in your respective area, you’d not have the time to scratch your head.


Starting a dog daycare facility along with other value-added services is a profitable business. But all you need is to do proper homework, make a realistic plan, invest in quality supplies, and hire the best possible experts. With a proper promotion strategy, you’d be able to attract the maximum number of pet owners in your locality.

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