How to Start Your Own Business: 5 Steps to Develop and Execute Great Ideas

Great business ideas don’t manifest when you want them to, but there are multiple things you can do to increase the likelihood that good ideas will present themselves. For many entrepreneurs, it isn’t about the initial thought; it’s about creating the conditions that produce them. Here are 5 ways you can generate better ideas for your startup.

Stay Flexible

When searching for a great business idea inspiration, it’s important to stay flexible. Flexible hours help increase productivity and improve attention span. You don’t need to implement a certain number of hours in a workday to be productive; you just need to achieve the goal in a manner that suits you and your business best. 

To implement a flexible work schedule, invest in tools like Zoom and Slack, so you always have a direct line of communication with your employees. On top of that, make work calendars public and keep checking in with your employees.

Invest in a Furry Friend 

Some people do their best thinking when they aren’t around people or when they’re talking to themselves. Purchasing a canine coworker can do wonders for your business because it promotes team bonding and physical activity. Dogs also relieve stress and foster a community. Employees now have to care for the needs of their furry friends, not just their customers.

Plenty of Universities have already filled rooms with puppies for stressed-out students during exam time. Laying in a bed of puppies can really help the mind stay focused because petting (a repetitive motion) can establish better-thinking ability.

Speak to More People

Diversity truly breeds innovation because people from different countries and backgrounds think differently than you. The more people you bring together, the more ideas will foster – even in industries that serve one purpose. If you’re a tech startup that develops language software, knowing how different people interact with the language will help foster new ideas.

Understanding each other’s perspectives will enrich your business and open doors for new customers. If you know how to market to a specific set of people, or if you know what makes them tick, you’ll inevitably make more money.

Have Empathy for Others

Plenty of businesses and products are created because they had someone else’s best interest in mind. When Facebook was made, Mark Zuckerburg wanted to create a platform that allowed people in his school to communicate. He understood that it was difficult for students to find the time to connect and established that niche, which expanded into social media.

Think of an idea that will benefit others, and you’ll create something that prints money. Our technological and relatively easy-going lives could still benefit from more innovation and ease. You could even make an entire industry that’s primary focus is on helping others.

Foster Creativity

Creativity is the mother of invention, so you need to establish an environment where ideas are freeflow and active. If you make your workplace an environment where it’s discouraged to speak their mind, innovation won’t happen. Instead, you can discuss the value of creative meetings with your employees, whose sole focus is to bounce ideas around the room.

While having a set time for creativity defeats the purpose (it’s challenging to develop ideas under pressure), you can get the conversation started. Once ideas are flowing, it’s easier to keep the room excited and engaged.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

While diversity enriches a business, the wrong type of person can nip that creative drive in the bud. It’s important to hire people with different ideas that won’t shame or put others down for their imaginative ideas. You need to surround yourself with talented people who can point you in the right direction and encourage you to stay on the right path.

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